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The more complicated we make life, the more chaotic and ambiguous it seems. This ambiguous chaos leads to our inevitable unhappiness and stress. Life never was meant to be complicated. Once we actually see through all of our made up bullshit, life is actually quite pleasant and simple.

Musings On Life’s Simplicity

When you don’t know who to be, be yourself

When you think you don’t have time, time is all you have

When you’re in a circumstance you chose, remember who chose it

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When you’re thirsty, drink water

When you’re hungry, eat

When you’re tired, sleep

When you feel sad, cry

When you feel happy, smile

When you feel grateful, give thanks

When you feel any emotion, let it be felt

When you’re stressed, see that it is thought created

When you think something is a problem, you just think that

When you don’t want to, say no

When you do want to, say yes

When you really really want something, go for it

When an opportunity is presented, take it

When you’re in debt, earn more and/or spend less

When you’re indecisive, make a decision

When you feel resentful, forgive

When you want to feel love, love yourself

When you have an injury, let it heal

When you feel lost, go on a journey to find yourself

When you say you can’t, you won’t

When you say you can, you will

When you think you have to do something, you have a choice

When something needs to be said, say it

When you think you’ve wronged someone, apologize

When you say you don’t know, you won’t

When you say you will know, you will

When you’re curious, explore

When you’re a know it all, you don’t

When your mind is open, new ideas are allowed in

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When your mind is closed, they aren’t

When someone’s speaking, listen

When someone says thanks, say you’re welcome

When you hate your job, learn to love it or find another one

When you think it’s personal, it’s never about you

When you think it’s about you, everyone is about themselves

When you need help, ask for it

When you think you have to be right, you don’t

When you think you don’t know who you are, you’re not your thoughts

When you say you will do something, do it

When it’s your responsibility, own it

When you think life’s complicated, it is

When you see that life’s not complicated, it isn’t

Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish

May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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