insights on forgiveness


Learn to forgive through a deeper understanding of forgiveness and its’ relationship to freedom and love.

ease and comfort toward any goal

2 Ideas That Can Bring a Sense of Ease and Comfort Toward Any Goal

I have a client who has been running for a seat at the table in his region for the better part of a year now.

The vote that would determine his fate passed recently, except, nobody got a chance to vote for him. He resigned from running on the morning of the big day.

Here’s the 2 ideas we discussed during our conversation.

trump wall building cost and plan

What One Billion Dollars Can Do

I was driving the other day while listen to the audiobook version of Conversations With God (some may wonder why I would listen to such a thing since I’m not religious, because there is a lot of wisdom embedded within religions that can be extracted from the surrounding beliefs)…

emotional healing myth and healing the past

InSights On Healing Wounds Of Our Past – A Myth?

One of the most common concepts I have come across on my journey is the concept of healing our past.
I have had many insights about this lately and feel I’ve been drawn toward exploring it further.
After doing so,
here are the insights that arose:

how to stop emotional eating and food cravings

How To Stop Emotional Eating From The Inside-Out

Imagine that? No more desire or need to control your emotions. Guess what also disappears along with your relinquishment to the illusion of control? Your emotional food cravings.
Now, Let’s talk about what happens when we feel the need to change how we feel…

lies we've been told

8 Lies We’ve All Been Told

Much of what we are taught to believe is influenced by societal conditioning. If you are still a believer of any of these 8 lies, my goal is to influence you enough to at least question their existence.