I was in pain,

Deep emotional pain,

So I made a choice,

Through the mercy of my own disdain,

My thoughts told me,

Again and again,

That if I did this,

It would release my pain,

I did it for me,

No room for two,

It could have been anyone,

But it happened to you,

Not a vendetta,

I was the target,

And my thoughts the Beretta,

I pulled the trigger,

Trying to feel better,

I did what I was told,

To the letter,

You were collateral damage,

Of the best I could manage,

I knew no other way out,

I was so famished,

I can’t take back what I’ve done,

But there’s one thing I can do,

Help you rip off that bandage,

It doesn’t make what I did OK,

But it’s to your advantage,

Once you release me,

I promise I’ll banish,

Bearing all your pain.

So that yours will vanish,

Setting you free,

To learn from this challenge,

That on the other side,

Waiting for you,

Is an inner peace palace,

Full of life,


And lavish.


Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish

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