I am Mother,

I am Grandmother,

I am Great-Grandmother,

I am Friend,

I am G,

I am GG,

I am Granny,

I am Granny Goodwitch,

I am whatever you want to call me,

I am the Mother of three,

I am so proud of who you all came to be,

I am here for you the same way you were there for me,

I am the Grandmother of five,

I am so grateful for the time we had while I was alive,

I am the Great-Grandmother of 2,

I am so blessed to have had time with the both of you,

I am the voice of Grace at Christmas dinner,

I am the snow that falls on you all through the winter,

I am the rain on my own parade,

I am the sun that begins and ends your day,

I am the things amongst all things,

I am the razmataz the chaos in your life brings,

I am the reminder that we’re all kids at heart,

I am the creative in your work of art,

I am always here and will never depart,

I am the gratitude you feel for our memories,

I am the wine you taste at the wineries,

I am the laughter before anyone pees,

I am one with you not separate binaries,

I am the imagination in all of your ventures,

I am the scary witch when not wearing dentures,

I am the grateful expense for all of your pleasures,

I am the Lion in every King,

I am the miracle the Leafs are needing,

I am the promise to Paul a Stanley Cup ring,

I am the life of every party,

I am the two pods for every pea,

I am the undisputed champion of Jello shooters,

I am the crazy in those delicious alcohol coolers,

I am the sense of all of your humours,

I am the Teddy in every Bear,

I am the commando when you don’t wear underwear,

I am the masseuse for each of your feet,

I am the guide that keeps your dancing on beat,

I am the clap of thunder beneath your seat,

I am the marijuana you smoke in the shed,

I am the laughter when it gets to your head,

I am the memories you’ll never forget,

I am Mrs. Doubtfire riding the broom,

I am the champagne you will consume,

I am the trees you plant to bloom,

I am the source of life for my family in this room,

I am a source of love for all of you,

I am the strength that will carry you through,

I am the celebration of life that will ensue,

I am the beacon of light when you’ve lost your way,

I am the tears you cry for me today,

I am the smile that will whisk them away,

I am the listener when you pray,

I am the invisible but only to your eyes,

I am the voice you hear beneath all the lies,

I am the wise,

I am the dimes you mysteriously find,

I am always here in your mind,

I am the divined,

I am neither here nor there,

I am everywhere,

I am the stuff all of your hearts are full of,

I am unconditional love.


Written with Love by Rob Kish

Influenced with Love by Margaret Kish


Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish




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