Before It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Before It’s Time To Say Goodbye



We mindfully follow the lives of others on social media,

While our own lives mindlessly pass us by.

We take selfie after selfie,

While our experiences opposite to ourselves pass us by,

We pretend to be listening to others,

While our connections pass us by,

We focus on the T.V while eating our food,

While tasting our spices of life pass us by,

We obsess over our past and future,

While our present moments pass us by,

See This After:  I AM

We say “maybe tomorrow”,

While our present days pass us by,

We chase money and status,

While joy and fulfillment pass us by,

We complain about the weather,

While the sunsets pass us by,

We make plenty of time to watch the news,

While opportunities to make a difference pass us by,

We don’t make time to take care of our bodies’,

While our physical health pass us by,

We don’t make time to take care of our minds,

While our mental health pass us by,

We hold on to resentments,

While freedom through forgiveness pass us by,

We get angry at the smallest things,

While the important ones pass us by,

We take our days for granted,

While each less day pass us by,

We take each other for granted,

While our opportunities for communion pass us by,

We give conditional on a return,

While unconditional love pass us by,

We must wake up to what life has offered us,

Before it’s time to say goodbye.


Learn from all of your experiences,

opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish

May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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