Is Anxiety A Mental/Mood Disorder? I Think Not

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first, i’d like to say to those with chronic anxiety

you are not your anxiety, nor are you disordered, you are much much more than that

learn to befriend the unknown, after all, it’s where we all came from

–> i’m really not a fan of labels and here’s why

i understand the use for them, but i feel they are being used carelessly, irresponsibly, and sloppily

i believe, teaching one an understanding of what anxiety really is at its’ most fundamental level is safer, more helpful, and more responsible

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at the very least, a new identity hasn’t been created surrounding a label

one who has chronic anxiety (fear of the unknown), will also have a lower level of consciousness. all their thoughts look real to them, as if what’s in their head is actually happening or will happen

low levels of consciousness and anxiety also accompany a need to identify one self with labels. due to a fear of the unknown, they seek to identify themselves with a label in order to become known to themselves, thus providing comfort and safety

when we take on an identity, we align the thoughts we choose to believe and act on, with that identity

therefore, when the label ‘anxiety disorder’ is given, it becomes the new identity

our ego will attach itself to the identity and be extremely reluctant to let it go. thus, creating an anxious identity that will be difficult to set free from

seek to understand, not to identify

set yourself free

may you awaken
may you see clearly
may you be love

take care ❤️

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May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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