Ultimate Resource List for Life Coaches—Free and Paid

Podcasts For Life Coaches

Coaches Rising

coaches rising podcast

Definitely the most informative and interesting interview-based podcast I’ve listened to on coaching. There’s some big names on the list and each episode run anywhere from 40-70 minutes.

*also available on most podcast apps

The Coaches Corner

the coaches corner podcast 1

Brought to you by Lucas Rubix—The Coaches Coach. His podcast primarily focuses on the sales, marketing and client acquisition side of building a successful Life Coaching business.

*also available on most podcast apps

The Life Coach School

the life coach school podcast

Brought to you by Brooke Castillo. A blend of coaching, business and marketing. Some very insightful talks on here. I love her simple coaching model, it’s easy to learn and integrate into ones coaching.

*also available on most podcast apps

The Coaching Life

the coaching life podcast

Brought to you by Phil Goddard. A lesser known interview-based podcast but that doesn’t diminish its quality. Phil is great at asking thoughtful questions and directing the interview to bring the best out of others.

*also available on most podcast apps

Client Handouts and Forms

Coaching Tools Company

the coaching tools company

Free and paid resources. You can find everything from your cliche wheel of life, contracts, social media packs, business and marketing tools, and even done-for-you coaching programs to use with your clients.


plr.me coaching resources

All paid resources. I’ve ordered a couple items from this company and the quality is top notch. They offer all that The Coaching Tools Company offers and much much more—and are of much higher quality.

Website For Life Coaches

Every coach needs a professional-looking website, it’s a must these days. This is one area you don’t want to skimp out on.

For many potential clients, their first impression of you is based on your website, make sure its a good one.

Personally, I use WordPress to build my website. Because WordPress is what I know, the themes I’m going to display below are WordPress Themes.

The first theme is free and I have no experience with it, but it looks good.

The second theme is premium and I had years of experience with it and highly recommend it as a paid option.

Free Website Website Theme

blossom coach wordpress theme

Blossom Coach

This theme is beautiful as you can see. There is a caveat though. When you add this theme to WordPress it does not look like the image above.

It looks like this

blossom coach bare

You will have to create the look of the website yourself. Which if you have never done before can be a pretty daunting task, believe me.

You have the option of downloading it for free and trying it out for yourself. If you decide you don’t want to take the time to create the look yourself, there is a PRO version that can be purchased for $49 and you can import the demo website and tweak it as your own.

Premium Website Theme

divi life coach theme 1
divi life coach theme 2
divi life coach theme 3

This beautiful website is created with the Divi WordPress theme. I have years of experience with this theme and am confident to say that it is likely the most beginner-friendly theme out there.

You don’t need to know any fancy coding, you merely need to drag and drop each element to where you’d like to place it. Change the colours, images and text and you’re ready to go.

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You would pay somewhere in the vicinity of $1000+ to have a web designer create a professional-looking website like this for you.

Elegant Themes is the company behind Divi and I can attest to their support and technical staff as being amazing.

A one year membership costs you $89, this gives you 1 year of support and theme updates. Should you decide not to renew after the year, you will no longer have access to premium support or updates to the Divi theme.

You get keep the theme as your own regardless.

Books For Life Coaches

Books are a great cost-effective way to consistently learn and evolve as a coach. There are 100’s of books I could list here but that would just confuse you.

Instead, I plucked out what I consider to be the cream of the crop when it comes to books on Life Coaching or Personal Coaching.

The Coaching Habit

the coaching habit book
Michael Bungay Stanier

Michael teaches us 7 coaching questions and dedicates the entire book toward mastering them. I won’t reveal them to you as that would take away the suspense!

The Prosperous Coach

best books for coaching
Steve Chandler, Rich Litvin

Anyone who’s been a coach for some time knows about this book. It’s a pioneer in the coaching community. In a world of digital marketing, this book brings human back into sales.

A Shift in Being

best books for coaches
Leon Vanderpol

Leon has a gift for taking us deep in a profound yet clarifying way. This is a deep book on transformative coaching. A phenomenal resource for those who want to go deep to the roots with their clients. My personal favourite.

Super Coach

best books for counselors
Michael Neill

Michael is the coach who introduced me to the Three Principles. He used those same Three Principles to guide through 10 different aspects of our lives on a self-coaching journey that we can then guide our clients on.

The Holding Space Practice

books on coaching
Carol Webster

Not just every coach, but every human being should learn to space—for themselves and others. Holding space is imperative to helping yourself or another feel safe. This book helped me do just that. It also uses practical exercises to coach you toward holding space.

Deep Listening

best books for counselors 1
Oscar Trimboli

Most of us are familiar with active listening. Few of us listen deeply, beyond active listening. This is bar none the best resource I’ve ever come across on listening. It has transformed the way I listen from one single read and it only took me about an hour to get through.

In Touch

in touch book
John J. Prendergast

A great resource for those who seek to coach from the innate wisdom and guidance that resides within each of us. John takes us on a journey of being in touch with our body, inner knowing and authentic selves.

Coaching Questions

coaching questions book
Tony Stoltzfus

Every coach must master the art of questioning and this is the ultimate resource to do just that. Fluff-free, with 100 pages of tools, exercises and models you can look to for years as a powerful questioning resource.

Becoming A Professional Life Coach

becoming a professional life coach
Patrick Williams, Diane S Mendendez

The text book of all text books for Life Coaching. A great resource to have on hand with 388 pages of handy information. One caveat, its riddled with typos.

Co-Active Coaching, Fourth Edition

co-active coaching book
Henry Kimsey-House, Karen Kimsey-House, Phillip Sandhal, Laura Whitworth

One of the best resources for coaches who have been in the game for a bit. Its not recommended for beginners. This book is used as a resource for many coaching programs out there.

Online Contract For Life Coaching

For those who coach online or want to eliminate the hassle of paper-based contracts, digital is the way to go. It’s fast, convenient and paperless.

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Again, because I work with WordPress, the product I’m recommending is for WordPress only. I can vouch for its quality and effectiveness.

You can create signature binding contracts and collect payments all online through this handy WordPress plugin.

Integrating a digital contract and payment system into your website will undoubtedly scream professionalism to your clients.

Here’s the best part: It’s only $19!

Some of the features of this great WordPress plugin:

Plenty of options

wp online contract

Clients pay by PayPal? It has you covered

wp online contract

Clients pay by Stripe? It has you covered there too

wp online contract 6

Collect contract binding signatures

wp online contract 5

Offer different types of services or packages? Use multiple different contract templates

wp online contract 7

may you awaken
may you see clearly
may you be love

take care ❤️

signature 1

May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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