3 Best Spiritual Life Coach Certifications Online (2024)

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3 Best Spiritual Life Coach Certifications Online


As I researched online spiritual life coaching certification schools, I quickly came to realize that there aren’t all that many options.

Few schools appear to be extremely high quality.

You’ll be able to compare the most important factors when choosing the right online spiritual life coach Certification school for yourself in a head-to-head comparison.

Compare 3 Of The Best Online Spiritual Life Coach Certification Schools

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meditation teacher training
spiritual coach certification 1
spiritual life coaching certification
SchoolNatural Wellness AcademyCenter for Transformational CoachingTransformation Academy
Visit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website
CertificationsSpiritual Wellness Specialist, Meditation & MIndfulness InstructorDeep Transformational CoachMaster Spiritual Life Coach
Help you stand out from the competition
ICF Accredited
Can Start Anytime
Prerequisite RequirementsNoneNoneNone
Length of Program9-12 months5 monthsSelf-paced
Total Hours180 (including self-study time)98+ (including self-study time)9+ hours of video (not including self-study time)
Hours/week4+ hrs5 hrsAny
1-on-1 Mentoring
Live Coaching Practice
Learn to Incorporate Meditation and/or Spiritual Coaching into Your Practice
Live and/or Recorded Webinars
PDF Downloads For Modules
Video Content For Modules
Lifetime Access To Resources
Learn How To Start Your Own Spiritual Coaching Business Practice
Business Marketing
Private Facebook Group✔ (forum)✔ (forum)
Investment (if paid in full)$2495 (Get 10% with coupon code)$4099 ($3799 for early-bird)$497 (Get 80% off through my link, applied at checkout)
Payment PlanAvailable upon requestSee ReviewNone
Read ReviewRead ReviewRead Review
Visit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website
Coupon CodesCoupon CodeGet 80% off through my link, applied at checkout

#1 Online Spiritual Life Coach Certification School

spiritual coaching certification
natural wellness academy deal 3

School: Natural Wellness Academy

Program: Spiritual Wellness Specialist + Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor

Cost: $2495
Payment Plans: available upon request

Exclusive 10% OFF Coupon Code (paid in full):


Natural Wellness Academy mentor Juliane Nowe

Natural Wellness Academy Review

70% of graduates take a 2nd certification program with NWA
All online
Payment plans available upon request
Payment plans available
Spiritual Wellness Specialist + Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor
1 on 1 mentoring and coaching
Live coaching practice
Live teleclasses
Business development skills
FREE access to the Webinars
Numerous client handouts (HUGE BONUS)
Website doesn’t answer some common questions we may have such as: how long will the program take to complete? how many hours is the program? are there payment plans available? I had to reach out and get many answers to such questions for you.

Certification #1 – Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor Certification

Everything you need is provided right in the dashboard, including study guides, colorful infographics, meditation scripts, recorded guided meditations, music for meditative use, webinars, teleconferences, and downloadable forms for your future business.

Topics that will be covered in this course:

• Tools, tips, and techniques to enhance meditative practice.
Discover the roots of stress and how it affects the mind and nervous system.
• Mindfulness Exercises
• Voice modulation
• Group Meditation
• How to structure effective meditation scripts
• Understanding how meditation can help alleviate stressanxiety, depression, and other emotional disorders.
• Working with the chakra system
• Creating and designing the ultimate meditation space
• How to work with clients in person or virtually
• Marketing yourself as a Meditation/Mindfulness Instructor

Step 2: Intro to Mind Dynamics

Help your clients combat stress and create positive life-affirming habits and
attitudes. This is a very experiential module, where you will be participating in a
21-day technique for instilling healthy habits and raising your own permission
levels for success, well-being, love, and abundance. You will gain tremendous self-knowledge and confidence as you establish your own series of positive habits in a 3-week experiential journey, using self-hypnosis and mind-focused activities.

Note: For your self-hypnosis experiment, make sure to mark off a 21-day period on your calendar when you can commit to doing a cycle of change selected from the text e-book. This should be a time that you are not traveling or have projects that interfere with your ability to complete the 21 days.

Step 3: Spiritual Wellness Specialist Certification

This course is divided into 6 modules, plus you will have access to the business-building course “Essential Effective Coaching,” once you are almost done with the course materials for SWS.

Module 1: Anatomy of the Spirit

Discover the principles of metaphysical spirituality and the various levels of consciousness, Contains 4 subsections: a) At the Beginning, b) Faces of God, c) anatomy of the Spiritual Body and d) Non-Physical Beings (Angels, Fairies, Devas, Spirit Guides). Discover Spiritual laws of creation, the Hermetic Principles, Religion & Spirituality, The Divine Feminine, Introduction to the Monad (Divine Spark) or Oversoul, Chakras, Auras, and Energy Fields. Learn how to measure and repair chakras with a crystal pendulum, that we will send you as a gift.

Module 2: Awakening

We begin our exploration into the Divinatory Arts, discovering various tools that help you tap into and channel your innate gifts of Intuition and Insight so that you have clarity when working with clients. The divinatory tools are not designed to predict the future, but rather to open yourself to Divine Wisdom through symbolism and hidden messages. You will be introduced (with some depth) into reading the Tarot, Interpreting Natal Astrology Charts, Birthdate Numerology, and Crystals & Energy Balancers (Used for tapping into intuition, and review methods for employing Crystals and Gemstones for meditation, healing work, and higher consciousness). Fairy Oracle Deck provided to you!

See This After:  3 Best Online Aromatherapy Certification Schools (2023)

Module 3: Afterlife

What happens before we take on a physical form? What happens when we complete a lifetime?

In this module, we will explore multiple theories of what happens when we die, the Bardo state, Soul Contracts, Soulmates, “Life between Life” Reincarnation, Mediumship, Disembodied Spirits, and Astral Planes, Parallel Universes, and the Seven Rays An illuminated understanding of Heaven, Purgatory and Hell — from a spiritual perspective.

Module 4: Alignment

In this module we will also delve into the concept of the “wounded healer” and how — as we work through our own issues and growth — we are better able to hold the vision for our client’s consciousness-raising and spiritual evolution. Understand the meaning of Empath and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and how they are particularly challenged in this world.

In this phase you will learn a philosophical paradigm to help your clients understand and identify how childhood programming, collective consciousness and the outer mind interfere in one’s self-image and capacity to realize one’s fullest potential. You will learn the concepts of Multiplicity of Selves, Jungian Depth Psychology, Archetypes, Aspects of Selfhood, Holographic Universe, and working with the I AM Presence.

Module 5: Application

How does one spiritualize their life in a modern world? Here you will begin to apply your newly acquired knowledge to work with your coaching clients. We break down the various stages of emotional and spiritual healing, including Law of Forgiveness, Creating Life Balance, Cultivating Gratitude, Taking Responsibility for Co-creation, and Spiritual Surrender.

We will add more healing tools to your repertoires, such as Visualization, Power of Affirmative Prayer, Law of Attraction (Manifestation) through engaging the Higher Self, Energy Clearing, Self-Protection, and Spiritual Hygiene.

Module 6: Action

In this final SWS module, you will begin to apply your newly acquired knowledge to work with your coaching clients as a Spiritual Wellness Specialist. You are given practical applications to apply all that you have accumulated through the previous modules in working with your clients, including some original healing modalities created by Dr. LJ (Jungian Archetypal Journey, and The Thoracic T®).
You can also download all the forms you may need for your coaching practice, including Coaching Agreement, Disclaimers, Intake forms, Client Contracts, etc.
You will also be assessed for competence and confidence in this final certification step, through recorded demonstrations and role-playing.

Bonus: Building Your Building via Effective Essential Coaching

All students of the Natural Wellness Academy are invited to take our cutting-edge business-building module that will help you define your niche, your avatar (ideal client), business plan, marketing, and how to attract clients. If it is not open yet on your dashboard and you are nearing the end of your Spiritual Wellness Specialist modules, request from the Admin that Essential Effective Coaching be opened for you. You are added to that course.

Essential Effective Coaching is designed to help you launch your coaching practice and will give you practical information about starting your own business, social media marketing, finding your niche/specialization, and how to work with your clients. We provide loads of

Help individuals tap into their inner guidance and intuition, deepen their link with the Divine, and achieve an increased octave of success, joy, and healing.


  • Understand the principles and application of energy balance and dynamics.
  • Discover the Anatomy of the Spirit and the concept of the “Wounded Healer”
  • Supercharge your capacity to help others by understanding Mind Dynamics and Behavioral Modification
  • Explore a variety of modalities for accessing Intuition and inner guidance.
  • Practice techniques for setting intentions, meditation and visualization.
  • Develop strategies for guiding others into a deeper sense of purpose and passion.
  • Transform into a qualified Meditation & Mindfulness teacher, helping lift the consciousness of the planet, by working with groups or individuals
  • Learn how to develop an Abundance Mentality with cutting edge Law of Attraction skills

Overview of Topics Covered:

  • Mind Dynamics – building positive, life-affirming habits
  • Energy Balancing and Clearing
  • Anatomy of the Spirit
  • Creative Visualization
  • Meditation – Discover a variety of methods and training to work with individuals and groups
  • Guided Imagery
  • Developing Intuitive Tools
  • Overview of astrology, numerology, tarot, pendulum and other Divinatory Tools
  • Chakras
  • Crystals
  • The Power of Rituals for Healing and Transformation
  • Relationships & Spirituality
  • Law of Attraction – Deliberate Creation

Teaching Is Your Calling

If one or more of the next pertains to you, our program is geared for you personally.

  • You work in the wellness field-maybe you’re a yoga teacher or work in the mental health field.
  • You understand how powerful meditation could be, and you intend to figure out how to teach it, which means you can create more professional opportunities.
  • You want your clients to sleep more soundly, live with less stress or anxiety, and revel in a deep quality of living that only meditating can offer.
  • You intend to help friends, family, colleagues, as well as strangers, go on a deeper, more meaningful level.
  • You intend to help others thrive, living the happiest, most connected, & most fulfilled version of their life and you’re prepared to play an instrumental role to make that happen.
Stephen Barnes gneral 1
Natural Wellness Academy student testimonial - Dana Fabbro
Natural Wellness Academy Student Testimonial - Ally Bono

The NWA’s Spiritual Wellness Specialist course has been a phenomenal highlight in my wellness journey. My personal spiritual growth and development continues to flourish and has allowed me to expand my spiritual perspectives and ideas and share them in digestible ways with family, friends, and through my business. I’m looking forward to what’s ahead in the class!  RD   Indiana

The inner work the course requires you to do is incredible. I love that you are required to do the work that you are learning to teach and then document the results. I have cleared blockages that I didn’t realize I had, and I have gained amazing insight into myself thru this course.   TC  Florida

I thought I had a pretty wide-ranging knowledge in all matters spiritual… until I took this course. The depth and breadth are far greater than I could have hoped for and am loving the challenge of being guided along a path promising ever greater discoveries!!!  JM  France

I am forever grateful for this life-changing journey alongside a wonderful and supportive community.  KM Thailand

#2 Online Spiritual Life Coach Certification School

spiritual life coaching certification

School: Center For Transformational Coaching

Program: Deep Transformational Coach Certification

Cost: $4649 ($4349 for early-bird)

Payment Plans (regular):
Down Payment: $200
3 Month Plan: $1483
6 Month Plan: $741.50
9 Month Plan: $494.33

Payment Plans (early-bird):
Down Payment: $200
3 Month Plan: $1383
6 Month Plan: $691.50
9 Month Plan: $461

Center For Transformational Coaching Review

All online
ICF accredited
Deep Transformational Coach Certification
Facilitates change from your deepest core
42-hours of interactive tele-classes
Dedicated Online Forum and Learnsite
Peer-to-peer coaching
Can’t start anytime. Only run 3 cohorts per year that start in Jan, May and Sept.
nt to you)


There are three options for you to choose from when registering:

See This After:  Ultimate Resource List for Life Coaches—Free and Paid

Deep Coaching Intensive (DCI)

The Deep Coaching Intensive encompasses Foundation and Mastery components. Once you complete the DCI you receive certification as a Deep Transformational Coach.

Note: Certification as a Deep Coach from the Center for Transformational Coaching is not the same as receiving a coaching credential from the International Coach Federation, which is a separate application process.

DCI Portfolio Package

For those who desire to attain an ICF coach credential, the DCI Portfolio Package and the DCI Portfolio Mentored Package provide all the coach training hours needed to meet ICF requirements for the ACC application. These packages combine Life Coaching Basics with the

 Deep Coaching Intensive for a comprehensive transformational coach training program.

Note 1: To apply for an ICF credential, you need to fulfill a number of requirements. The DCI Portfolio Package fulfills your coach training requirement when you apply via ICF’s ACC Portfolio Path. Visit ICF’s website for details on application requirements for that path.

Note 2: It is not possible to ‘audit’ the DCI Portfolio Package, as ICF requires that for application purposes, 80% of the training must be synchronous learning (SL).

DCI Portfolio Mentoring Package

Another requirement for ICF’s ACC credential application is 10 hours of Mentor Coaching. We offer this service with a qualified Mentor Coach when you register for the DCI Portfolio Mentoring Package. Typically, these hours are used following completion of the DCI as you continue to develop your coaching skills and knowledge in preparation for your ACC credential application.


There are two components to the Deep Coaching Intensive (21 weeks; 42 SL learning hours):

1: Foundation (12 weeks)

The first part of the DCI imparts all concepts and knowledge related to the Deep Coaching approach and integrates it with ICF competencies. Foundation also offers a peer coaching program to encourage practice of the Deep Coaching approach from the beginning of the course.

2: Mastery (9 weeks)

The second part is designed to deepen student’s understanding of Deep Coaching through direct experience. Participants observe and discuss a series of Deep Coaching sessions led by the learning leader which expand their understanding of how the approach works across a range of personalities, situations, and issues. Participants also engage in a number of practice sessions. This is akin to supervised mentor coaching, and through feedback from the learning leader, participants receive the direction and support needed to master Deep Coaching.

To successfully complete Mastery, participants submit two audio recordings to the learning leader for assessment and feedback. These recordings will demonstrate the participant’s capacity and progress with the DC approach. Upon successful completion of all DCI requirements, participants receive certification as a Deep Transformational Coach.


The DCI is designed to create three types of knowledge:

  • Conceptual knowledge:  The key concepts here are understanding what transformational coaching is (as an approach), understanding the dynamics of human transformation, and how to create the conditions within a coaching space which optimize transformative change and enable deep shifts in awareness.
  • Practical knowledge: Transformative models and Deep Coaching practices are introduced which help participants move beyond transactional coaching methods, dive deeper into a person’s psyche and ‘inner operating system’, and enhance the power of their personal presence.
  • Self-knowledge: The most important dimension of all great transformational coaches, knowing — Who am I? What does my life and work stand for?


For those who wish to attain their ICF ACC credential, the DCI Portfolio Package has been designed to meet all ICF requirements for the ACC Portfolio Path application by combining the Deep Coaching Intensive program with the Life Coaching Basics course.

Life Coaching Basics teaches you core coaching competencies and frameworks, including the ICF definition of coaching and Code of Ethics, and prepares you to be a knowledgeable coach who understands the profession’s unique approach to self-development. The DCI then builds on that foundational knowledge through advanced coaching practices.

Life Coaching Basics in the DCI Portfolio Package is a blend of self-study and support integration calls with your course instructor (both 1-1 and group calls). Visit our website for details.

Begin today. The earlier you get started with Life Coaching Basics, however, the more time you have to study and integrate the foundational knowledge before the DCI begins. Enrollment is ongoing, so you can begin at any time.



Approximately two weeks prior to the start of the DCI you will receive the information needed to prepare for the course, including setting up your learnsite account and getting tele-class access information.


Below are the core concepts introduced each week during Foundation. Along with conceptual knowledge, each week will have an experiential Peer Coaching assignment so that you are putting the conceptual knowledge into practice.


  • Learning leader and participant introductions
  • Tutorials: how to use the conferencing service and forum features
  • Peer coaching program: set up and how it works
  • Course protocols and expectations
  • Course completion requirements


  • The Coaching Continuum: moving from transactional to transformational
  • Deep Coaching: an introduction to its core principles and tenets
  • Transformational models: stages and patterns of human transformation
  • What it means to hold space for transformation
  • Deep Coaching Practice 1: Slow it all down


  • The Four Levels of Engagement
    • Coaching at the level of ‘being’
    • Transformative Practice
    • The qualities and characteristics of a Deep Coaching space
    • Raising the vibrancy of your coaching presence
    • Deep Coaching Practice 2: Release your agendas; live your values


  • Our self-concept: what it is and how it is structured
  • Transformation and the evolution of our self-concept
  • Core beliefs and limiting core beliefs: how they impact life experience
  • Coaching approaches to working with the self-concept
  • How Deep Coaching works to reconfigure or release limiting core beliefs


  • 5 key roles of the Deep Coach
  • Images of healing
  • The relationship between healing and personal transformation
  • The role of spirit or spirituality in transformational processes
  • Deep Coaching Practice 3: Nurture healing spaces


  • The dynamics of transformation
  • The ‘generative potential’: connecting with what is emerging
  • Engines of transformation: 6 drivers that accelerate transformative growth
  • Deep Coaching Practice 4: Working with silence


  • Structuring a Deep Coaching session
  • The Three Intelligences: tapping into multiple sources of information
  • Accessing the heart’s intelligence
  • Observe a Deep Coaching session (learning leader as coach)
  • Deep Coaching Practice 5: Coaching more from the heart, less from the head
See This After:  One Sunrise, Two Symbols


  • The Four Levels of Listening: Shifting the inner place from where we operate
  • Generative listening: beyond empathetic listening
  • Deep Coaching practice 6: Attune to the deeper Self and let that lead
  • Shifting ‘ways of being’: how Deep Coaches enable shifts in consciousness


  • What ‘pain’ is and its relationship to transformational processes
  • Levels of comfort (and discomfort) with the expression of pain in a session
  • How Deep Coaches work with emotions and pain
  • Deep Coaching Practice 7: Expanding your capacity to be with pain


  • Presencing: seeing from our deepest source
  • Attuning to the ‘emerging potential’ within ourselves and others
  • Listening for the readiness: what is there a readiness for?
  • Facilitating authentic Self experiences in a coaching session
  • Deep Coaching Practice 8: Foster the emergence of what wants to happen (inside and out)


  • Co-sensing Activity – gathering deep data
  • Coaching the emerging selfhood: experiencing more of the ‘I Am’ in a session
  • Committing to your own transformational journey
  • Deep Coaching Practice 9: Cultivating trust in the mystery and magic of the process
  • Final assignments for completing Foundation


  • Wrapping up Foundation
  • Crystalize key learnings
  • Preparing for Mastery



  • Each week for the four Session Observation classes, one participant will be coached by the learning leader. These live sessions compliment a series of four audio Deep Coaching sessions which are part of the weekly assignments.
    • The purpose of observing these sessions is to provide participants the experience of how Deep Coaching works across a range of situations, issues, and personalities.
  • During these four weeks, the Peer Coaching program continues. Participants are required to coach at least once per week and make themselves available to receive coaching once per week. Participants are encouraged to continue applying the DC practices and related ICF competencies into their practice sessions to deepen their capacity with the approach.
    • Each of the four classes will also introduce an exercise that is related to a key aspect of Deep Coaching. These experiential activities continue to expand awareness of DC beyond the theoretical and into the practical and pragmatic.


  • Each week for the four Practice Session classes, at least one participant will coach another participant.
    • During these four weeks, Peer Coaching continues. Participants are required to coach at least once per week and make themselves available to receive coaching once per week. Participants continue applying the Deep Coaching practices and related ICF competencies into their practice sessions to deepen their capacity with the coaching approach.
    • All sessions are observed by the learning leader, who provides support/guidance as needed during the sessions and feedback upon completion. Feedback covers the demonstration of the 9 Deep Coaching practices as well as ICF Coaching Competencies.
    • These practice sessions prepare participants for submission of two session recordings required for course completion and certification.


  • A final class to wrap up the Deep Coaching Intensive—a time to reflect on and celebrate our learning journey.


Total Training Hours:

  • Classroom Study (Synchronous Learning): 42 hours
  • Self-Study (Asynchronous Learning): 40+ hours
  • Peer Coaching: 16+ hours (8 hours as coach; 8 hours as client)

Weekly Breakdown:

  • Classroom Study (Synchronous Learning): 2 hours
  • Self-Study (Asynchronous Learning): 2 hours
  • Peer Coaching: 1 hour
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) – With 60 CCEUs non-credentialed students are eligible to apply for an ACC credential when they apply via ICF’s ACC Portfolio Path (click to read what ICF’s application requirements are). With 42 CCEUs, credentialed ICF coaches attain all the units needed for credential renewal. ICF requires 40 CCEUs every three years to renew.

Center For Transformational Coaching Review

Coming soon!

Cheapest Online Spiritual Life Coach Certification School

spiritual life coaching certification

School: Transformation Academy

Program: Master Spiritual Life Coach

Cost: $497 (however, you can get 80% off through my link)

Get 80% off through this link (discount applied at checkout)

This program consists of 4 certifications:

Spiritual Life Coach Certification

Spiritual Coach Certification (Accredited)

Shamanic Life Coach Certification

Shamanic Life Coach Certification (Accredited)

Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification

Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification (Accredited)

Yoga Life Coach Certification

Yoga Life Coach Certification - Yoga Teacher Training

Get 80% off through this link (discount applied at checkout)

Transformation Academy Review

Reputable – Certified more than 150,000 students worldwide
All online
Start Anytime
Master Spiritual Life Coach
4 separate certifications included
Private student community
Videos are fun and engaging
Full lifetime access to online learning material
No ICF accreditation (if that’s important to you)
No live coaching practice with feedback
Testimonials for Transformation Academy
Meet Joeel A. Rivera, M.Ed. of Transformation Academy (2014)
Meet Natalie Rivera of Transformation Academy (2014)

Transformation Academy Review

Coming soon!

Get 80% off through this link (discount applied at checkout)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a certification to be a spiritual coach?

No, you don’t need a certification to be a spiritual coach. There are no governing bodies that make being certified as a spiritual coach a requirement

How do spiritual coaches get clients?

Like other coaching professions, here are some ways spiritual coaches can get clients:

1. Networking, having conversations with people
2. Hosting workshops or seminars
3. Hosting webinars
4. Search Engine Marketing, getting a website ranked high on Google
5. Paid advertising on common platforms: Google, Facebook, Instagram
6. Blogging
7. Public speaking
8. Posting informational videos on YouTube

How long does it take to become a spiritual coach?

It can take anywhere from 1 month to 6 months to complete most spiritual coach programs and become a Certified Spiritual Coach.

Time To Make A Decision

I sincerely hope that I have provided enough information here to assist you in making your decision on choosing 1 of the 3 highest quality Spiritual Life Coaching Certification schools available online.

If you have any questions or feel there are gaps in information, and you would like me to add more information, please let me know in the comment section below, I will gladly try to help you out.

Detailed reviews of other areas of certification:

Online Life Coach Certification

Online Health Coach Certifications

Holistic Nutrition Certifications

Business Coach Certifications

Online Meditation Teacher Certifications

CBD Coach Certification

Have questions regarding any of these online spiritual life coach certification schools?

If you have any questions regarding any of the information I have presented here regarding any of these online spiritual life coach certification schools feel free to contact me 🙂

May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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  1. I went to law school after years of being pressured into doing so by my parents and my grandparents only to discover it was miles away from what I wanted to do. Fast forward to present time, I’m thinking of applying for a spiritual life coach certification.

    Your comparison makes it easier to pick the right one, which for now seems to be Natural Wellness Academy, both because it has a reasonable fee while also having a generous volume of knowledge taught.

  2. Since I was on a budget at the time, I went with the Transformation Academy. It was a good start and it got my foot in the door or so to speak. This year, I am planning to go for the full experience with Natural Wellness Academy. I’ve done lots of research, including this post, and they stand out in almost any best top 5 or top 10. What they offer is unmatched and the price tag is accordingly. But, since money is not that much of a problem anymore I can now go for this experience. I am very excited as I’ve also talked with someone who did this and they were very, very happy with what she had learned. I am looking forward to learning how to start my own spiritual coaching business practice.


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