Biggest Misconception About Forgiveness – Knowing This Can Free You

Forgiveness is an act of love toward yourself, and freedom from the previously unforgiven.

Forgiveness is arguably the most liberating process you could ever take yourself through. From my experience, forgiveness is also very largely misunderstood, and this misunderstanding seems to keep many people from the freedom they so deeply desire.

By no means am I minimizing the actions that require forgiving through writing this, I am simply conveying a very important understanding that has the potential to shift your current paradigm. If you tend to hold on to grudges or resentments then you probably have a difficult time forgiving others and/or yourself.

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Once I understood this huge misunderstanding with my whole being I found myself forgiving actions of others and myself without having to search for books and articles that suggest a myriad of steps to take to be able to forgive. One single shift in your understanding will do that for you.

This misunderstanding is probably preventing YOU from forgiving.

Before you continue, I encourage you to ask yourself what forgiveness means to you, what does it mean to forgive? What does it mean if you have forgiven?

So, what is the biggest misconception about forgiveness?

In my experience, the biggest misconception about forgiveness is that “to forgive is to be okay with the actions you are forgiving”. In other words, if you forgive another then it means that what they did was okay and you are letting them off the hook.

Forgiveness does not mean you agree with the action you are forgiving, it means you are no longer allowing those past actions to hold any more power over you via your thoughts.

Now, if that is not empowering then I don’t know what is!

Imagine pure liberation from all the resentments and grudges you currently hold!

Who would you be if you had nothing and no one left to forgive?

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How would you act?

How would you think?

If you don’t completely understand this right away that is ok too. Let this plant the seed, I assure you that your subconscious brain has soaked this up and the light bulb will go off at any given moment in the future.

Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

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May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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