This morning, I was meditating on a quote by Sydney Banks from his book The Missing Link, when all of a sudden this equation popped into my head. I didn’t ask for it, nor was I trying to generate any particular thoughts around the quote. I was just meditating to see what came up.

The equation that popped into my head is this:

However, most people live by this equation:

Understandably, the X will probably generate some curiosity.

What is the X?

What could it stand for?

For example, when I ask myself who I think I am, I receive answers like:

  • I’m a husband
  • I’m a son
  • I’m a brother
  • I’m a diversified coach
  • I’m honest
  • I’m Rob
  • I’m Love
  • I’m light
  • I’m inspired action

I’m all of those things and yet I am none of those things.

This is the paradox that gets a lot of people confused, probably even you right about now. This may get you wondering, how could he not be a husband, son, or brother when he is?

When I initially began exploring the true nature of who I am, I couldn’t fathom not being any of those things. It just didn’t make any sense. But then it clicked…

  • I am a husband (to my wife)
  • I am a son (to my parents)
  • I am a brother (to my sisters)
  • I am a diversified coach (to my clients)
  • I am honest (to my thoughts)
  • I am Rob (to the rest of the world)
  • I am love (to my thoughts)
  • I am light (to my thoughts)
  • I am inspired action (to my thoughts)

I’m all of those things to life outside of myself, and yes that includes my own thoughts (since they aren’t me). They are just labels to identify with myself and others who I am in the world.

When you ask yourself who you are, what comes to mind?

Whatever happens to come to mind is a self-constructed you, created by thought. You are whoever you think you are. The more you try to think about who you are, the further away you get from yourself.

The real you cannot be explained or described by thought. You are what comes before thought. You are the space between thoughts.

Any time you attach a thought to your identity, you are attempting to describe the indescribable. You’re labelling the person you think you areIf we require thought to be described then we are not it.

You are a miracle and miracles are in-explainable by science or your thinking.

We attempt to solve life’s mysteries via our own thoughts, yet our thoughts are arbitrary and a mystery in and of themselves.

Thoughts are a guidance system for your life, they aren’t who you are.

You’re the one who is observing your thoughts.

You can let other people’s thoughts of you determine who you are. You can let your own thoughts of yourself determine who you are. Yet, neither is entirely true.

You’re the one who isn’t trying to think your way into being somebody.

You’re the one who isn’t trying to be anybody.

You are the one…

Why do you need to be anyone other than that?

Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish

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