The Simple Equation That Proves Nobody Can Make You Feel A Certain Way

The following equation reveals the only source of our feelings, good or bad. Since most people don’t factor in one component of the equation, they lead themselves to believe a lie, and in my opinion, it’s also the main source of suffering and despair in the world.

I also think it’s the greatest source of life’s illusion, especially when it comes to chasing things like money, prestige, happiness, peace, love, and status.

The simple equation that creates your feelings is this:

the simple equation that creates your feelings 3

However, most people live by this equation:

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the simple equation that creates your feelings 2

The Grand Illusion And Taking Your Power Back

“You make me happy”

“You piss me off!”

“Traffic makes my blood boil”

“My job stresses me out”

How many times have you heard yourself say any of those? I know I used to say the first two ALLLLLL the time.

Now that I don’t blame others or circumstances for how I feel, I feel so much freedom because I am the only one who can make myself feel any which way about anything.

When we blame the outside world for what is going on in our inside world we’ve given all of our power away. We’ve granted permission to anything or anyone outside of us to create our feelings.

Although this is actually never the case, so long as we believe that this is how our feelings are created we’re rendered powerless. We then live by this equation:

Circumstance – THOUGHT = Feeling = Powerless

The missing link that doesn’t get factored in is thought.

In order to maintain power over your feelings, you must understand that it’s your own thoughts about another person, what they may have said, or a circumstance, that creates your feelings.

Circumstance + THOUGHT = Feeling = Power

It is our thoughts about who this person is and what they mean to us that makes us happy, not them.

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It is our thoughts about what they said about us that pisses us off, not them.

It is our thoughts about traffic that make our blood boil, not the traffic itself.

It is our thoughts about our job that stress us out, not the job itself.

Feelings are the children of thoughts, and without thoughts, they cease to exist.

The mere understanding of this can grant you hope no matter the circumstance because you’re no longer reliant on a world outside of you to change how you feel. Only you have the power to do that.

May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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