Netcoins pay – Visa Card Review: My Experience (2022 Canada)

*Important: Unlike most reviews, I actually have experience with the Netcoins Visa card.

Chances are, since you’re searching for a review on the Netcoins Visa Card, you are somewhat familiar with Netcoins. Therefore, I won’t get into who they are and the nitty gritty of their company and app.

Let’s just get right into it.

What Other Crypto Cards Do I have Experience With?

I think it’s important to note which other crypto cards I’ve had experience with to help give you a better idea of how I’ve come to my conclusions.

I’ve had various experience with the following crypto cards:

  • Visa card
  • Wealthsimple Visa card Visa Card

crypto visa card canada

This is my favourite crypto Visa card. Why? I’m super bullish on CRO and as a company and ecosystem. They offer features and rewards that no other cards offer.

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One of those features is their Spending Power. This allows you to use your crypto as collateral instead of having to always top up your card with Fiat. Once you’ve made a purchase you then have 7 days to pay off the balance before interest kicks in. This is a major convenience.

Another feature is their unique rewards. In addition to crypto rewards, their 2 lower tier cards (which most people will use) offer free Spotify and Netflix in the form of CRO.

Their lower tiers offer 1% and 2% back in CRO respectively. While their higher tiers offer 3% and 5% back in CRO.

And lastly, their cards are metal, sleek and sexy.

Wealthsimple Visa Card

crypto card canada

My first ever card that offers cash back in crypto is the Wealthsimple Visa. I used it a handful of time before I received my Visa card and then that was it.

Their card is by far the cheapest looking and feeling of the 3.

They offer 1% back in any crypto offered on their platform, which is measly.

One major feature Wealthsimple offers over both and Netcoins is they allow you to choose which crypto you’d like to receive your rewards back in. This is huge and can be a deal-breaker for some.

Netcoins Pay – Visa Card Review: See How It Compares

crypto cards canada

As of writing this review, I’m nearing the end of my 1st month using the Netcoins Visa card.

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  • This is a pre-paid visa card and no credit check is required
  • Earn 3% Bitcoin1 back for the first 3 months and 1% back after that point
  • Use the Netcoins card anywhere that accepts Visa* cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay
  • Choose from a virtual and/or physical card
  • No annual account fees
  • Access your card through your phone, a web browser, or the physical card
  • Lock your card(s) anytime through the Netcoins app
  • View and download all your monthly statements
  • Keep your Bitcoin rewards in Netcoins or transfer them out into an external wallet
Netcoins Pay – Visa Card: Quick Review
Card Quality
Transaction Limits
Speed Of Topping Up


netcoins card review 2 1

It arrived stuck to a thick and sturdy, single page brochure-like card much bigger than the Visa card itself. The packaging is definitely not as flashy as Wealthsimple or

Card Quality

netcoins visa review 1

The card itself is thicker and of higher quality than Wealthsimple’s Visa card, but no where near as flashy as the Visa card.


I plan to use this card for only 3 months after activation. Why?

For the 1st 3 months Netcoins offers 3% back in Bitcoin for all purchases. This is considered a promotional period. After that the rewards go to 1%, which is where it’ll stay.

One major drawback for me is the rewards back are offered in Bitcoin only. This may be OK for some people, but I have my eye set on many other crypto projects that I think have the potential to grow exponentially more than Bitcoin.

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This is one feature I like about Wealthimple’s Visa card; they allow you to choose which crypto you’d like your rewards back in.

If being able to chose which crypto you earn rewards in is important to you, then this feature may be a deciding factor in which card you choose.

I may be getting picky at this point, but with Netcoins rewards are paid out only once a month on the 11th of each month. Whereas Wealthsimple and pay out rewards instantly.

TRansaction Limits

Maximum number of Point of Sale (“POS”) transactions per day15
Maximum amount per single POS transaction$8,000
Maximum daily cumulative amount, POS$8,000
Maximum monthly cumulative amount, POS$30,000
Maximum number of ATM transactions per day5
Maximum amount per single ATM transaction$2,000
Maximum daily cumulative amount, ATM$2,000
Maximum monthly cumulative amount, ATM$10,000
Total daily limit (POS + ATM)$10,000

Topping Up Funds

Topping up the Netcoins Visa card takes less time than but more time than Wealthsimple.

With Netcoins Pay, I’ve received my e-transfer in as little as 5min and as long as 1 hour. On average it takes closer to 5-15min than not.

How do you top up your Netcoins Visa card?

1. On the mobile app click Access Netcoins Pay

netcoins pay 2

2. Enter your 2FA from your authentication app

netcoins visa card

3. Click on the top up button

netcoins review

4. Checkmark the terms and press next

netcoins card review

5. Copy the code given, checkmark the terms and press reveal email

netcoins card

6. Send your email transfer to the email shown in the app. Don’t forget to paste the code in the previous step into the message field of your email transfer to prevent delays.

netcoins card review 1

You should see your funds in 5-60 minutes.

Once the funds show in your account your Netcoins card is ready to use!

May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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