Best Cryptocurrency Courses For Investing in Crypto (2024)

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Top Cryptocurrency Investment Courses

Best Overall

Crypto University

Runner Up


Worthy Mention

Clever Crypto

Investing vs Trading – What’s The Difference?

Investing and trading are two very different terms that are often used interchangeably. The difference between the two is the outlook. It’s generally recommended to learn how to invest in cryptocurrency before learning to trade.

Investing in cryptocurrency

The outlook for investing in cryptocurrency is long-term. Therefore, when researching projects to invest in, you want look for ones that have long-term vision and utility.

Trading cryptocurrency

The outlook for trading in cryptocurrency is short-term. Therefore, when researching projects to invest in, you want look for ones that have the potential for massive short-term gain without much regard for their long-term vision.

Are These Courses Beginner Friendly?

Absolutely! From personal experience, I can say you’ll go from knowing nothing about cryptocurrency to being able to invest securely and confidently.

As a beginner, here’s what you’ll learn step-by-step from either of these courses:

  • What is cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  • What are crypto wallets
  • What are the safest crypto wallets
  • How to get started with Crypto wallets
  • Softwares/Websites to use for research
  • Technical analysis to invest wisely
  • Fundamental analysis to invest wisely
  • When to buy and sell for maximum profits

What To Look For In A Cryptocurrency Investing Course

  • What is blockchain and how does it work
  • What are crypto wallets
  • How to open and use crypto wallets
  • How to secure your crypto wallets
  • Security best practices
  • Custodial vs non-custodial wallets
  • Hot vs cold wallets
  • Expanding your portfolio beyond Bitcoin
  • How to find profitable long-term investment opportunities
  • Earn passive income with crypto staking
  • Earn passive income with DeFi
  • Crypto mining

Is there a single cryptocurrency course that teaches all of these?

Yes, the only course that covers all of these essentials is Investing Mastery from Crypto University.

Compare 3 Of The Best Cryptocurrency Investment Courses

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cryptocurrency courses 1
cryptocurrency investment course
cryptocurrency course
ProviderCrypto UniversityCryptoversityClever Crypto (Udemy)
Visit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website
Flagship Investment Course(s)Crypto Investing MasteryBitcoin Foundations, Digital Money Revolution, The Secrets of The Bitcoin Triangle, Blockchain Security Essentials
Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing For Beginners
Beginner Friendly
Understand Blockchain
What are Crypto Wallets
How To Choose A Crytpo Wallet
How To Open A Crypto Wallet
Additional Security Practices
Custodial vs Non-Custodial Wallets
Hot vs Cold Wallets
How To Expand Portfolio Beyond Bitcoin
Portfolio Re-Balancing
How To Find Profitable Investments
Find Diamonds In The Rough
Crypto Staking✔ (lacks detail)
Passive Income With DeFi
Technical Analysis
Fundamental Analysis
Crypto Mining
Understand Tokens (ERC20 tokens, SegWit, PoS, SPV etc.)
Lifetime Access To Resources
Private Group for Students
Investment$140$99 each$49.99
Read ReviewRead ReviewRead Review
Visit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website
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#1 Cryptocurrency Investment Course

cryptocurrency courses

School: Crypto University (est. 2018)

Investment Courses: Investing Mastery

Cost: $140

Free Intro Course: Introduction To Blockchain Technology

Investing Mastery Course

Crypto University Investing Course Preview

Introduction to Blockchain Technology (Free Course)

Introduction to Blockchain Technology - Powered by Celo

Crypto University Review

  • Been in business since 2018
  • Covers all crypto investing essentials in 1 single course
  • Learn to find coins with potential
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Telegram group for student to communicate
  • Free weekly webinars
  • Actively blogging and YouTubing
  • Lifetime access to courses
  • No moneyback guarantee – Have a ‘with cause’ 14-day return/exchange policy
  • No publics reviews on their website, Facebook, or YouTube

Investing Mastery Learning Outcomes

  • How to Buy or Sell Cryptocurrencies
  • How to Secure your Coins
  • How to Build a Portfolio
  • How to Diversify your Portfolio
  • How to Invest in Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • How to find reliable news and data for fundamental analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • How to Invest in Crypto but avoid Bitcoin’s volatility
  • Understanding ERC20 tokens, SegWit, PoS, SPV & more
  • How to find new good coins and invest early before they become popular and make massive returns
  • Understand the basics of mining and setting up a Bitcoin mining facility
  • Learn Portfolio Rebalancing

Crypto University Reviews


#2 Cryptocurrency Investment Courses

cryptocurrency investment course

School: Cryptoversity (est. 2015)

Investment Courses:
Bitcoin Foundations
The Digital Money Revolution
The Secrets Of The Bitcoin Triangle
Blockchain Security Essentials

Cost: $99 each or $99/month all access

Free Lessons From Each Course

The Digital Money Revolution

The Digital Money Revolution Bitcoin Blockchain Course - Introduction and Overview

Blockchain Security Essentials

Introduction to Blockchain Security Essentials

Crytptoversity Review

  • Been in business since 2015
  • 6 courses suitable for any investment level
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee
  • Need 3 courses to cover the essentials (costing $297) compared to needing 1 course with Crypto University (costing $99)

Bitcoin Foundations

  • Your own multi-currency wallet setup
    Simplify your crypto life from the start by setting up a wallet which will allow you to store, secure and manage over 100 different cryptocurrency assets in a single wallet.
  • The knowledge and ability to send and receive multiple cryptos
    We’ll teach you how to use both text based crypto addresses and QR codes for use with smartphone wallets for easy scanning with phone cameras.
  • An understanding of Bitcoin transaction fees
    We’ll teach you the practical aspects of transaction fees so you pay as little as possible.
  • Knowledge of how to protect your privacy while using Bitcoin
    The wallet we recommend you setup in this course automates a lot of the things you need to do to remain private, however it’s good for you to understand the basics of what it’s doing so you don’t sabotage it’s efforts to protect you.
  • The ability to lookup transactions and their status
    We’ll teach you how to use block explorers to track exactly where your incoming and outgoing transactions are so you know where your money is at all times.
  • The ability to convert one crypto to another in 3 clicks
    This is a foundation course remember so the goal is to keep it super simple. We’ll introduce the basics of how to convert one crypto asset for another.
  • Your wallet setup and mirrored on your laptop and phone
    There are pros and cons to using a crypto wallet on your laptop and different pros and cons to using a crypto wallet on your phone. We’ll show you how to synchronize the two to get the best of both worlds.
  • A secure backup of your crypto wallet
    Crypto assets have real value so we’ll take you through a simple and easy process to backup your wallet using a physical medium. If anything happens to your laptop or phone you’ll be able to regain access to your funds.
  • A way to buy multiple cryptos
    Once you have the wallet you’ll probably want to put something in it, so we’ll give you a few suggested ways to buy various crypto assets and then how to withdraw them to your personal wallet.
  • The ability to log and track your crypto asset values
    If you don’t get this right from the start it becomes very confusing later to figure out if your cryptos are worth more or less than when you bought them. We’ll give you a simple tool to log everything in, a tool that tracks the values in real-time and compares them to the price you bought them at.
  • The ability to sell your cryptos
    We’ll show you how to reverse the process for if and when you decide to turn your crypto assets back into your national currency.
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Digital Money Revolution

  • How to explain Bitcoin to other people so that they understand it
    They say that you do not understand something unless you can explain it to someone else. By the end of this course you’ll be able to speak to others about Bitcoin confidently.
  • How to explain to other people what is wrong with our current financial system
    Once people understand what is wrong with the current system it’s much easier for them to understand how amazing Bitcoin is as the solution.
  • The various roles you can play in the Bitcoin economy
    Once you have a firm understanding of Bitcoin then you can decide which role you wish to play yourself.
  • How to setup your own easy to use Bitcoin wallet
    You’ll get setup with a wallet that works seamlessly on your phone and on your computer.
  • How to explain to other people why Bitcoin is inevitably going to change the world
    People can read about Bitcoin online endlessly, but if they have someone they know who gets it, that’s incredibly valuable to them.
  • How to use Bitcoin to protect your wealth from an economic crisis
    Bitcoin is becoming a safe haven because it exists outside of the old financial system. Bitcoin lives on the Internet which exists in it’s own virtual realm.

Blockchain Security Essentials

  • You’ll be in a very small group of people that are virtually unhackable
    Imagine what that kind of peace of mind feels like? Maybe you can’t imagine it because you have never experienced it before but I can assure you by the end of this course you will.
  • You’ll finally be able to enjoy the crypto revolution
    When you have stress and anxiety any positive excitement that you may get from the potential crypto has to offer will be covered over by the dark clouds of worry about losing it all in a hack. That’s about to change for you.
  • You’ll have greatly improved computer security
    One part of security is protecting yourself from being hacked technologically. I’ll give you the tools and techniques to keep the bad guys out.
  • You’ll have greatly improved scam detection
    Another part of security is protecting yourself from being manipulated by a scammer into voluntarily sending them your money. This is the human element of security that I’ll also help you with.
  • You’ll be empowered with universal security principles
    There are a small set of universal security principles that apply across the board, to all cryptos. Learning these principles will serve you for the whole of your crypto life. These principles apply far beyond the end of this course. They pay dividends forever.
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Cryptoversity Reviews


#3 Cryptocurrency Investment Course

cryptocurrency course

Provider: Clever Crypto (Udemy)

Course: Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing For Beginners

Cost: $49.99

Intro To Course

Crypto Trading & Investing For Beginners Course Part 1 (LINK TO THE FULL COURSE IN THE DESCRIPTION)

Clever Crypto Review

  • All online
  • Well structured
  • Very detailed technical and fundamental analysis
  • Not much training on Crypto exchanges; Pros and cons of different ones, how they work, fees, where to start as a beginner. You’ll need to do more homework on your own to find which ones are best for you, this is what I had to do after taking this course.

Introduction and Basics
This module is designed to walk the complete beginner through buying their first coins and familiarizing themselves with exchanges all the way to safely storing and securing them. I’ll go over my own personal workflow and how I do this entire process.

Investing and Trading
This module is designed to give you a thorough rundown on how I chart and what my trading strategies are. Honestly that’s just scratching the surface, I’ve literally poured my entire brain into this module which also expands to chart patterns, building a portfolio, in depth market dynamics and trading types with strategies for each.

Onchain Data Analysis
This module is designed to get you familiar with analyzing On chain metrics, which metrics I use as well as priceless resources for dynamically evolving your learning through time.

Market Cycle Analysis
How other markets influence crypto (In this module we cover how the macro economic backdrop effects crypto and how to monitor it to detect early warning signals.

Mindset and Psychology
The markets are much less technical than you think, in fact emotion is the major driver for price movement. This module covers basic principles of the mindset needed to survive and thrive as an investor/trader.

My Secret Weapons
In this module I literally give all of my personal investing edges to you, from price models that predict the tops and bottoms of markets to the T, what I look for in coins and my highly valued resources/recommendations.

Some Clever Crypto Reviews

clever crypto reviews
clever crypto reviews 2

My Clever Crypto Course Review

This course was my very first introduction to cryptocurrency. I had almost zero prior knowledge about what crypto is or how to start investing in it.

Did it help me as a beginner?

Most definitely. I didn’t even know what a crypto wallet was prior to this course.

I’ll admit, I haven’t gone through all the technical analysis videos as they don’t interest me much. I’ve finished the rest of the course and I walked away with confidence and direction.

What did I like?

Cryptocurrency is a complicated subject with so many aspects and technical to learn. I found the terminology confusing and intimidating.

I thought Clever Crypto did an excellent job keeping it simple, or as simple as one possibly can while explaining everything crypto.

What could use improvement?

May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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