Welcome to another update from my 365 meditation journey, a commitment to meditate 365 days straight. Here is today’s breakdown:


Minutes of Gratitude + Peace


  • Seated with back support
  • The more I do this specific guided meditation , the more I enjoy it
  • My favourite part is the 2nd half, a visualization of myself succeeding in a specific aspect of my life, achieving a goal I have set for myself, and watching myself as a 3rd person. After watching myself as a 3rd person, I then take on the same visualization as 1st person, and live the success. I love this, I feel very empowered by it, and it creates an energy throughout the day that steers me toward that goal subconsciously.


Minutes of Gratitude


  • Seated with back support
  • Day 2 of a 10 day series on gratitude by Michelle Zarin, same creator of my previous series on Surrender, each day there will be a focus on 1 thing in my life to be grateful for
  • Today’s focus was on one aspect of my home that I am grateful for
  • I chose my favourite room in the house, I call it the white room. The couch and arm chairs are all white. The room faces the south, which allows the sun to beam in most of the day. The combination of white and sunshine create a deep feeling of serenity when I am in this room. The meditation allowed me to realize I don’t use this room enough, I have been taking it for granted, I used it maybe once a month. Later in the day, I ended up reading and doing NLP coursework in this room, I was drawn to it. This shows the power of the meditation, and the effect it had on me. I feel more appreciation for the room, and the reasons I love it. I know I will use this room much more often now that I consciously acknowledge this.


Minutes of Meditation

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