Welcome to another update from my 365 meditation journey, a commitment to meditate 365 days straight. Here is today’s breakdown:


Minutes of Mindful Gratitude

Meditation: Mindful Gratitude

Teacher: Myself


  • 1st thing, outside, seated without back support
  • Felt I needed to refine my morning session as I was feeling frustrated with my sessions quite regularly recently
  • After much thought, I feel my frustration was due to my attempt to force my mind to focus too much on visualization oppose to letting it be free and observant. I also felt I did not give myself enough time to let my mind be free and mindful
  • Today I focused my 1st 10 minutes on mindfulness (awareness of the present moment), and the 2nd 5 minutes on gratitude
  • I chose to eliminate my future-self visualization as it was more of a guided visualization than a meditation. I will incorporate this visualization into another part of my day as it is extremely important to do in order to grow, create, and achieve.


Minutes of Meditation

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