My Tranya T10 Pro Ear Buds Review – Good For Music? (2022)

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I bought the Tranya T10 Pro ‘Bass Boosted’ wireless ear buds on Amazon solely to listen to music during my workouts. I was hoping to find a gem in the $50-$60 range that performed like they’re $100. So far, the Tranya T10 Pros have done just that. I’m more than happy with my purchase thus far. My only lingering question is…how long will they last?

Tranya T10 Pro Bass Boosted Wireless Earbuds Review

tranya t10 pro bass boosted reviews
I went with green as I love the soothing palate of its soft eggshell finish and slight Caribbean nature.
Holy Bass!
The wireless earbuds are beasts when it comes to music. They punch well above their weight class. You can expect a booming bass with well-balance clarity. However, when it comes to taking calls, it’s not where they shine, especially for the price.
Build Quality
Music Quality
Call Quality
Bass punches well above weight class
Quality of $100+ competitors
Stay tight in ear while working out
Tinny-ish calls
Charging case feels cheap
Noise cancellation is mediocre

What Can I Compare The Tranya T10 Pro Wireless Earbuds To?

My previous wireless earbuds were the SoundPEATS Trueshift 2. I dropped the case and wouldn’t charge on one side thereafter. Otherwise, they worked flawlessly. 

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tranya t10 pro bass boosted review

Why didn’t I get another pair of SoundPEATS? 

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Although the sound was high quality and crystal clear, especially when listening to podcasts and videos, I felt like they lacked the punch I was looking for when listening to music. 

As I contemplated what was missing in order to give it that punch, I came to the conclusion it was lacking a punchy bass. 

The reviews on Amazon reinforced this and so I decided to look for a potential alternative within a similar price range.

Is Tranya T10 Pro better Than SoundPEATS TrueShift 2?

This depends what you’re using them for. If you want great clarity for listenining to podcasts and taking calls, I’d day SoundsPEATS are superior.

Where the Tranya T10 Pro shines over the SoundPEATS TrueShift 2 is when listening to your favourite tunes.

The obvious difference is the bass. Tranya calls these earbuds “bass boosted” for a reason and they live up to the claim.

Unlike other headphones and earbuds that deliver a deep but fuzzy bass, these Tranya T10 Pros deliver a crystal clear, broad deep (did I say deep?) bass.

Tranya delivers the punch that I felt was missing with the SoundPEATS.

How do they perform while working out?

tranya t10 review

I got the Tranya T10 Pro for the sole purpose of using them while I workout. The main concern people have when choosing a wireless earbud to workout with is ‘will it stay snug in my ear?’.

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The answer is YES. I do heavy Olympic lifting and generate a lot of force and speed while doing things like power cleans.

I don’t find myself fixing them in my ear at all, even after I start sweating and my skin gets slippery.

These earbuds don’t even budge.

How is the Noise Cancellation effect?

tranya t10 ear buds

In all fairness, the Tranya T10 Pro isn’t advertised as noise cancelling. I still think an important point to touch on since you may be wondering.

As an example, without anything playing on my earbuds, when I wore them in my backyard I could hear cars go by on the road behind my house.

Once I play music I can’t hear the cars, or anything else in the background.

When I’m at the gym and the music is on, I can hear the weights on the barbell hitting the ground on my deadlifts and cleans.

I cannot hear people talking to me when music is playing.

Are Tranya earbuds Good Quality? Size, Make and Feel

tranya t10 reviews

The earbud is a little bulky compared to the SoundPEATS I had previously. They protrude out of the ear a little more than other earbuds I find.

This doesn’t bother me per say, but it may be an important point for you.

The earbuds feel mediocre in quality.

The case feels pretty cheaply made, inside and out.

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This is where you can definitely tell the difference between a premium brand and Tranya.

I’m all about function over feel. I’d rather my ear buds perform beyond their price range than look and feel beyond their price range.

Tranya seems to have put their money into function over feel as they perform above their price range in my opinion.

If you want premium function and feel, you’ll likely need to look at $100+.

Are Tranya T10 Pros waterproof?

The Tranya T10 Pro is rated IPX7. Meaning they are water and sweat proof…to an extent.

They can easily weather a little rain on your walk or jog and lots of sweat during your most grueling workouts.

What does it mean for earbuds to be IPX7 waterproof?

IPX7 is a class of waterproof rating that specifies that earbuds can be submerged in water up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. 

Tranya T10 Pro Features

tranya wireless ear buds review
  • 6 Standout Colours
  • 12mm Graphene Driver for Deep Premium Bass
  • 8 Hours of Play Time
  • 32 Hours of Total Battery Time
  • Rapid Charge Mode
  • Ultra Low-Latency Game Mode
  • IPX7 Water and Sweat Proof
  • 8-Hour Playtime on A Single Charge
  • Enhanced Touch Control on Each Bud
  • Wireless Charging Case

Tranya T10 Pro Specifications

And for all the nerds out there, here’s the boring stuff 🙂

Earbuds Battery50 mAh
Charging Case Battery480 mAh
PlaytimeUp to 8 hours
Standby Time120 Hours
ChargingWireless charging and type-C
Input5V+ / -0.25V
Charging TimeUnder 2 Hours
Bluetooth Version5.1
Bluetooth Range10 Meters / 33 Feet
Driver Type12mm Graphene-coated Dynamic
Bluetooth ProfilesA2DP / HFP / HSP / AVRCP
Audio CodecSBC
Microphone4-Microphone System

Have Questions About My Experience With The Tranya T10 Pro?

I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions in the comment section below 🙂

May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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