If your most cherished material possessions were taken away from you, would you still be truly and infinitely happy?

This question humbles me personally, it reminds me that I have yet to own my happiness regardless of what is happening in the outside world and that I’m an infinite student of living from the inside-out.

It’s hard to fathom a world without our most cherished material possessions. I have a difficult time imagining my life without them. Would I still be happy? At first, I don’t think I would. I do have full confidence that I would find inner happiness though.

What I like about this question is how it directs us inward for happiness. To look in the opposite direction of the material world that we have become so reliant upon for chasing our happiness. Gaining happiness from material things is always temporary, keeping us on the search either until we die or until we wake up.

Instead of trying to learn how to be happy, try unlearning your current formula for happiness and you will discover true happiness. Happiness isn’t acquired through the sum of some formula, happiness is acquired through the realization that we have all we need at this moment and not a drop less.


Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish

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