being grounded

being grounded in who you are—a lesson

i struggled with this in the past—and like many others, it rooted from my childhood and seeped its way into relationships as i matured

any time someone—whom i had a close relationship with—would try to change a behaviour of mine, i would

beyond words

Impact Beyond Words

Reminders to focus on who you are being for people instead of what you are doing for people or saying tom people, creating impact beyond words.

self relationship

InSights on Self-Relationship and Self-Discovery

In a world of deadlines and so-called busyness, most people I know don’t even give themselves 10 minutes of their own time on a daily basis to connect, reflect, and express love for themselves. This is what is needed for any relationship to maintain itself and flourish, whether it be with another or with ourselves.

ease and comfort toward a goal

2 Ideas That Can Bring a Sense of Ease and Comfort Toward Any Goal

I have a client who has been running for a seat at the table in his region for the better part of a year now.

The vote that would determine his fate passed recently, except, nobody got a chance to vote for him. He resigned from running on the morning of the big day.

Here’s the 2 ideas we discussed during our conversation.