Best Animal Reiki Certification Online – Accredited (2023)

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Best Accredited Animal Reiki Certification Online

Internationally Accredited

reiki certification online


I created this post to allow you to compare all the most important factors in one place when choosing the best online Animal Reiki Healing Certification for you. I cover all the pros and cons of each program based on extensive research. I’ve reviewed each program in detail, I recommend you read each review before visiting the website of each program.

Who is this post for?

If you want an accredited online Animal Reiki Healing Certification, and want the best bang for your buck, you’ll want to stick around.

Why is accreditation important?

Being certified through a program that’s accredited by an internationally accredited body allows you to get insurance. If you have any plans of using Reiki healing with animals this is extremely important.

Being insured will protect you and your business from potential claims of wrongdoing or harm. You know how much people love their pets and the lengths they’ll go to protect them, so protect yourself.

Best Online Animal Reiki Healing Certification Program

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SchoolReiki Store
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CertificationAnimal Reiki Master Teacher
Internationally Accredited
Help you stand out from the competition
Qualify For Insurance
Can Start Anytime
Include distance attunements
Program LengthNo limit (typically 3-5 weeks)
Total Program Hours30+ hrs
Reiki For Dogs
Reiki For Cats
Reiki For Horses
Reiki For Marine LIfe
Reiki For Small Animals
1-on-1 Email Mentoring/Support
Live Reiki Healing Practice
PDF Downloads For Modules
Audio Downloads For Modules
Video Content For Modules
Lifetime Access To Resources
Learn How To Start Your Own Reiki Business Practice
Business Marketing
Private Student Forum
Read Review
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#1 Online Animal Reiki Healing Certification

reiki certification online

Provider: Reiki Healing Association

Program: Animal Reiki Master Teacher

Price: $297

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 A complete breakdown of the enormous value of this course

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Reiki Store Review

All online
Trained over 100,000 students from more than 150 countries over 30 years
Animal Reiki Master Teacher Certification
Distance Reiki Master attunement ceremony
Internationally accredited (allows you to get insured)
90-page Course Workbook
Personal email support
30+ hours of practical energy work
Client waivers and information forms
Qualify to teach animal Reiki to others
Community forum to connect with mentors and fellow students
Lifetime access
Email support from mentors
7-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked)
No live practice with an actual Reiki Healer, but I don’t expect that from a program at this price point

By the end of this program you will:

  • Learn how to confidently prepare for, conduct and end a Professional Animal Reiki Session with Hands-on and Distant Reiki – from start to finish.
  • Learn how chakra imbalances can affect an animal and how to interpret their behaviour to tailor a session to their individual needs.
  • Understand the practical considerations when working with different animals species & how to communicate with them intuitively during a treatment.
  • Learn how to attune animals to Reiki and also attune your own Animal Reiki Master students as part of your Holistic or Pet-care Practice with advice and tips from Practising Reiki Professionals with decades of personal experience.
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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Meet The Authors

1.2 Animal Lovers We Salute You!

1.3 Reiki Is Not Just For Humans

1.4 What Are The Benefits Of Animal Reiki?

1.5 How Can I Get The Most Out Of This Course?

1.6 How To Prepare For Your Animal Reiki Master Distant Attunement

1.7 How To Book Your Attunement to Reiki

1.8 Download Your Attunement Music

1.9 Download Course Workbook

1.10 Module Summary

2.0 The Foundations of Animal Reiki

2.1 What is Animal Reiki?

2.2 The History of Reiki

2.3 The Five Reiki Principles

2.4 Why is Reiki Ideal for Treating Animals?

2.5 Module Summary

3.0 How Animal Reiki Works

3.1 Understanding Energy

3.2 The 7 Auric Layers of the Body

3.3 Auras in Animals

3.4 The 7 Major Chakra Points

3.5 Location of Animal Chakras

3.6 The Minor and Bud Chakras

3.7 Reiki and Chakras

3.8 Module Summary

4.0 Preparing To Treat Animals With Reiki

4.1 Module Introduction

4.2 Vets and Local Regulations

4.3 Speaking to the Owner

4.4 The Energy Detox

4.5 Build Up a Research Library

4.6 Length of the Treatment

4.7 The Treatment Space

4.8 Other Practical Considerations

4.9 Preparing yourself for Reiki

4.10 Reiki Self Treatments

4.11 Meditation & Your Mental Reiki Room

4.12 Entering Emotionally Charged Environments

4.13 Beginning Your Reiki Session

4.14 Connect to Reiki

4.15 Setting the Intention to Heal – The Invocation

4.16 Visualisation

4.17 The Permission of the Animal

4.18 The Session Itself

4.19 How the Animal Will React to Reiki

4.20 Ending Your Reiki Session

4.21 Module Summary

5.0 Treating Animals With Hands-On Reiki

5.1 When to Use Hands-On Reiki

5.2 Working to the Chakras

5.3 Why the Hand Positions Are Only a Guide

5.4 Hand Positions and Intuition

5.5 Scanning the Body

5.6 Beaming Reiki

5.7 Treating the Guardian With Their Animal

5.8 Module Summary

6.0 Animal Reiki For Dogs

6.1 Considerations When Treating A Dog

6.2 Treatment Options

6.3 Beginning The Session

6.4 Signs of Acceptance

6.5 The Reiki Session

6.6 Ending The Session

6.7 Stressors For Dogs

6.8 Module Summary

6.9 Bonus Examples of Reiki for Dogs

7.0 Animal Reiki For Cats

7.1 Considerations when getting ready to treat a cat

7.2 Treatment Options

7.3 Beginning The Session

7.4 Signs Of Acceptance

7.5 The Reiki Session

7.6 Ending The Session

7.8 Module Summary

7.9 Bonus Examples of Reiki for Cats

8.0 Animal Reiki For Horses

8.1 Considerations When Getting Ready To Treat A Horse

8.2 Treatment Options

8.3 Beginning The Session

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8.4 Signs of Acceptance

8.5 The Reiki Session

8.6 Ending the Session

8.7Module Summary

8.8 Bonus Examples of Reiki for Horses

9.0 Animal Reiki For Birds

9.1 Considerations When Getting Ready To Treat A Bird

9.2 Treatment Options

9.3 Beginning The Session

9.4 Signs Of Acceptance

9.5 The Reiki Session

9.6 Ending The Session

9.7 Module Summary

9.8 Bonus Examples of Reiki for Birds

10.0 Animal Reiki For Small Animals

10.1 Considerations When Getting Ready To Treat A Small Animal

10.2 Treatment Options

10.3 Beginning The Session

10.4 Signs of Acceptance

10.5 The Reiki Session

10.6 Ending The Session

10.7 Module Summary

10.8 Bonus Examples of Reiki for Small Animals

11.0 The Three Pillars of Reiki

11.1 Connecting to Reiki Energy

11.2 Gassho the First Pillar of Reiki

11.3 The Gassho Meditation

11.4 Reiji-Ho the Second Pillar of Reiki

11.3 Chiryo the Third Pillar of Reiki

11.4 The Breath

11.5 Joshin Kokyu-Ho

11.6 Seishin Toitsu

11.7 Namaste

11.8 Module Summary

12.0 Reiki Symbols for Animal Reiki

12.1 The Sacred Reiki Symbols

12.2 The First Sacred Symbol – Cho-Ku-Rei

12.3 How To Draw The Cho-Ku-Rei Symbol

12.4 How To Use The Cho-Ku-Rei Symbol

12.5 Ways In Which You Can Use Cho-Ku-Rei

12.6 The Second Sacred Symbol – Sei-Heiki

12.7 How To Draw The Sei-Heiki Symbol

12.8 How To Use The Sei-Heiki Symbol

12.9 More On The Reiki Sandwich

12.10 Ways In Which You Can Use Sei-Heiki

12.11 The Third Sacred Symbol – Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen

12.12 How to Draw the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen Symbol

12.13 How To Use The Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen Symbol

12.14 Ways In Which You Can Use The Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen Symbol

12.15 The Full Reiki Sandwich

12.16 The Master Symbol – Dai-Ko-Myo

12.17 How To Draw The Dai-Ko-Myo Symbol

12.18 How To Use The Dai-Ko-Myo Symbol

12.19 Ways In Which You Can Use The Dai-Ko-Myo Symbol

12.20 The Sacred Symbols and Meditation

12.21 Module Summary

13.0 Sending Animal Reiki Distantly

13.1 Distant or Absent Reiki Healing

13.2 Distant Reiki Healing Techniques

13.3 The Surrogate Method

13.4 The Thigh and Knee Method

13.5 Visualisation Methods

13.6 Module Summary

14.0 Advanced Animal Reiki

14.1 Module Introduction

14.2 Reiki for Livestock and Farm Animals

14.3 Reiki For Wild Or Dangerous Animals

14.4 Reiki For Marine Life

14.5 Conservation and Endangered Species

14.6 Group Animal Reiki Treatments

14.7 Working Animals

14.8 Reiki and Pregnancy

14.9 Chronic Illness

14.10 Disability

14.11 Module Summary

15.0 Reiki and Pets Crossing Over

15.1 Working When Emotions Run High

15.2 Be It For Their Higher Good

15.3 Treating The Animal

15.4 Treating The Owner

15.5 Our Own Story Of The Loss Of A Beloved Pet

15.6 Module Summary

16.0 Working With Rescue Animals and Animals in Shelters

16.1 Module Introduction

16.2 Volunteering At A Shelter

16.3 Working On A Rescue Pet

16.4 Module Summary

16.5 Bonus Examples of Reiki with Shelter & Rescue Animals

17.0 Attunements

17.1 Attunements

17.2 Preparing To Attune An Animal Reiki Student

17.3 Hui Yin and Violet Breath

17.4 Attuning An Animal Reiki Student In-Person

17.5 The Crown To Crown Reiki Attunement Method

17.6 Preparing To Attune An Animal To Reiki

17.7 Attuning An Animal Using The Crown to Crown Method

17.8 Attuning An Animal Using The Chakra Method

17.9 Module Summary

18.0 Communication

18.1 Communicating With Your Pets and Animals

18.2 Preparing Yourself To Connect With An Animal

18.3 Gaining Consent For A Reiki Session

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18.4 Advanced Animal Communication

18.5 Developing Your Confidence And Intuition

18.6 Module Summary

19.0 Conclusion

19.1 Conclusion

20.0 Course Downloads and Bonuses

20.1 Your Certificate

20.2 Some Extra Bonuses

20.3 Optional Extras: Manuals

20.5 Share your Feedback

20.6 Follow us on Social Media

20.7 Congratulations – Print Your Certificate of Completion

  • International accreditation by the Reiki Healing Association for an endorsed curriculum and best practice. This also allows you to get insurance if desired.


  • Chakra worksheets
  • Templates for clients waivers and information forms
animal reiki certification

Molly Malone


Molly has always been passionate about animal welfare – with a BSc degree in Marine Biology. She is an author of several holistic health books and Reiki courses and wanted to create this Animal Reiki course to empower wellness professionals to work more with animals in their practice.

animal reiki certification



As a Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Master, Harriette has been helping people find greater health, peace, and balance for many years, with a particular focus on Chakra Healing and Mindfulness. As dog-mum to Georgie Jr., she is also very eager to help other pet-owners find natural ways to care for their pets using Reiki!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When people hear about Reiki, they often think of it as a form of healing that only works on humans. This is not true. Reiki can be used on any living organism, including dogs. There are even animal Reiki certification courses available to learn how to use the healing on animals. Reiki works by channeling energy through your hands. You can channel the energy through your hands in order to heal an animal.

Reiki is one of the most effective natural healing methods for animals. It has been used on all types of animals, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, and more. Whether you are taking the animal Reiki certification course or just learning how to channel the energy through your hands, you will be able to use Reiki on your dog.

Reiki is a natural healing energy that you can use to help animals, pets, and humans. It is safe for animals and pets to be around, and it can also be used for animals that are suffering. However, it is important to remember the following when using Reiki on animals and pets: The animal’s body is not like a human body. Some animals, like dogs, cats, and many breeds of horses, are sensitive to Reiki energy. If you are unsure, you can try using Reiki on pets at home first to gain practice.

Time to make a decision

I sincerely hope that I have provided enough information here to assist you in making your decision on choosing an accredited online Animal Reiki Healing certification training program. If you have any questions or feel there are gaps in information, and you would like me to add more information, please let me know in the comment section below, I will gladly try to help you out.

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Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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