It’s Easy To Become A Yoga Instructor—Here’s How

It’s so easy

Are you ready for it?

Here’s how to become a Yoga Instructor…

Call yourself one!

There are no restrictions or regulations in place for the Yoga Instructor profession. Anyone can become a Yoga Instructor by calling themselves as such.

The Yoga Instructor profession isn’t alone as this is also the case for other professions such as Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, and Health Coaches—and any other type of coach for that matter.

A Better Question Might Be—How Do I Become a Yoga Instructor That Can Transform Lives?

Since anyone, aged 2 yrs+ can call themselves a Yoga Instructor, how to become one probably isn’t the best question to be asking.

Sure, anyone can become a Yoga Instructor—but not everyone can transform the life of another in ways they couldn’t have imagined without walking the road of transformation themselves and then coaching another to do the same.

This takes personal dedication to the craft of Yoga for yourself. Evolution into a transformational presence—a catalyst for deep change in another.

This my friend, cannot be done through a course from Udemy. You need live interaction with real-world coaches, offering you valuable coaching, feedback, and practice.

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I have recommended a valuable resource toward the end of this post as a place for you to start.

On to the informal regulations of Yoga Instructors.

Yoga Alliance

There is a regulating body called Yoga Alliance attempting to regulate the coaching industry. However, their accreditation is not recognized by any country as a legitimate licensing body.

Because of this, the Yoga Instructor industry remains unregulated. It’s not mandatory anywhere in the world to be an accredited Yoga Instructor.

Yoga Alliance Standards

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Is Accreditation Recommended?

There is an ongoing debate about this. In the end, there are valid points to argue on both sides.

Getting certified through a Yoga Alliance accredited program does generally indicate the certification quality meets a certain standard.

For example, no accreditation is given to Yoga Instructor certifications that don’t include an anatomy and physiology component. I 100% agree with this.

Teaching Yoga is not something one can learn by watching hours of video and all of a sudden knowing how to teach another. It takes practice, lots and lots of practice. First, you learn to teach Yoga to yourself, then you learn to instruct another, through the application.

It’s Your Choice Whether to get certified

Whether you want to learn the art of teaching Yoga through an accredited program or not is ultimately up to you.

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Would I recommend calling yourself a Yoga Instructor without any high-quality training or practice? Absolutely not.

I surely wouldn’t want to be taught by someone who has no training or received their training from a low-quality certification like what you can find on Udemy.

Do Your Research and Find a reputable certification

Take some time to discover exactly what type of Yoga you want to teach. Make sure it resonates with you.

For example:

I wrote a long detailed post comparing 2 amazing online Yoga Certification programs and each of the programs offers a slightly different approach.

Some Recommended Programs

My Vinyasa Practice

yoga certification online

Trustworthy with plenty of reviews to back them up

More info: My Vinyasa Practice Review

Siddhi Yoga

Siddhi Yoga review

A more traditional approach to Yoga

More info: Siddhi Yoga Review

Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to me here.

I’d love to help you find your way.

May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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