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2 Best JPG Ultra Male Clones/Dupes (2023)

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Jean-Paul Gautier Ultra Male is a fragrance that was introduced in 2015. Ultra Male is a modern twist on the original Jean Paul Gautier fragrance, Le Male, which was released in 1995. It’s a bold, sweet, and intense scent that is designed for men who want to make a statement.

Ultra Male is known as the clubbing king in the fragrance world. It achieved this designation due to its loud and long-lasting nature. In other words, it turns heads and lasts all night.

There are a couple of great clones of JPG Ultra Male that you can pick up for less than half the price.

They both perform just as well, if not, better than the most recent batches of Ultra Male itself.

Jean Paul Gautier Ultra Male Notes

ultra male notes
Source: Fragrantica

JPG Ultra Male Clones/Dupes

There aren’t many clones/dupes of Ultra Male on the market. Here are the 2 best to my knowledge, one of them I own.

#1 JPG Ultra Male Clone/Dupe

Lattafa Ramz Silver

My Choice

jpg ultra male clone dupe
lattafa ramz silver notes
Lattafa Ramz Silver Review
Similarity To Ultra Male

Clone/Dupe of: JPG Ultra Male

Have I tried Lattafa Ramz Silver? Yes

Have I tried Ultra Male? No

Blind buy worthy? Yes

I own this fragrance, and although I’ve never tried Ultramale, I can attest to the quality of Ramz Silver. Out of my 70+ fragrances, it’s one of my best-performing.

Opening: Said to contain lots of pear just like Ultra Male. However, Ramz Silver is said to be more screechy in the opening and gets closer to Ultra Male in scent after 20min.

Drydown: Said to be 90-95% similar to Ultra Male. Said to be fresher, lighter, less sweet, and not as much pear as compared to Ultra Male.

Performance: Ramz Silver has above-average performance and better performance than most recent formulations of Ultra Male. I get around 2 hours of above-average projection, 10+ hours on my skin, and days on clothes.


  • Best Ultra Male clone/dupe
  • Opening has a similar pear note but screechier
  • 95% Ultra Male 20min after spraying
  • Above average projection for 2 hours
  • Lasts 10+ hours on skin and days on clothes

#2 JPG Ultra Male Clone/Dupe

Afnan 9pm

jpg ultra male clone dupe 2
afnan 9pm notes
Afnan 9pm Review
Similarity To Ultra Male

Clone/Dupe of: JPG Ultra Male

Have I tried Afnan 9pm? No

Blind buy worthy? Yes

*Afnan 9pm may have been reformulated and doesn’t seem to perform like it used to.

Afnan 9pm is overhyped in my opinion. While Ramz Silver is a hidden gem that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Differences between 9pm and Ramz Silver?

During my research, those who have both 9pm and Ramz Silver commonly note that Ramz Silver is a slightly closer version to Ultra Male.

Ramz Silver has the infamous pear note in the notes whereas 9pm does not. It also has some musk which adds depth to it.

Ramz Silver is also said to be a slightly deeper, less sweet, and more mature version of 9pm.

Opening: Is fresher, and lighter and is missing the infamous pear notes found in Ultra Male. It’s more ‘bubblegummy’ than Ultra Male.

Drydown: Is said to get a little further away from Ultra Male in the dry down. It’s not as loud or in your face. It’s sweeter, less tart, and lacks the depth found in Ultra Male.

Performance: Above average projection for 2-3 hours. Lasts 10+ hours on the skin and days on clothes. This may not be the case for newer batches though.


  • Clone/dupe of JPG Ultra Male
  • Opening is fresher, lighter, more bubblegummy
  • Dry down lacks depth and is sweeter
  • Above average projection for 2-3 hours
  • Last 10+ hours on the skin, days on clothes