what are the three principles

What Are The Three Principles? A Life Transforming Understanding

Nothing changes on the outside, but everything’s different on the inside.

– MIchael Neill

A couple of months ago, as I was reading Michael Neill‘s amazing book “Supercoach“, he mentioned an understanding called “the three principles” without really explaining what it is, thanks, Michael. This led me to do a Google search for “What are the three principles?”.

As soon as I discovered what these three principles are I just knew this was it, it clicked, something inside of me shifted, I could feel it. Most people have a hard time understanding the Three Principles when they first learn of them, for me it was different, not only did I understand it instantly, I experienced them instantly. This may be because I have contemplated life and the human experience on numerous occasions, or it may be because I was pulled towards them for a reason, who knows.

Now it is your turn to learn the Three Principles, don’t get frustrated if you do not understand them right away, it is perfectly normal that you don’t. Trying to understand the principles will actually take you further away from them because you are them, we all are.

What I recommend you do is let this information plant a seed, don’t try to do anything with it. Just notice how the Three Principles create your experience of life as you go on about your day. One moment, the seed you planted today will sprout.

What is a principle?

From the dictionary:

“a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning.”

Gravity is an example of a principle. Whether you believe in gravity or not, it is always in action. It is this understanding that gravity is in action all of the time that prevents you from attempting to defy gravity by jumping from an obscene height. Keep this in mind as you learn about the three principles of the human experience, they too cannot be defied, no matter how hard you try.

Attempting to defy these three principles will only create resistance within your experience of life, the same way jumping in the air to temporarily defy gravity will create resistance against gravity’s magnetic force.

So…What Are The Three Principles?

I will try my best to articulate the three principles. Understanding the three principles intellectually is not the same as a wisdom based experiential understanding, they are not a thing, you cannot see them, you are them, and therefore you need to experience them. Truly experiencing how these three principles create your every life experience will transform your life forever. Let’s begin, shall we?

Principle #1 – Universal Mind

Principle #2 – Universal Consciousness

Principle #3 – Universal Thought

Principle #1 – Universal Mind

Universal Mind is the infinite formless energy behind all things. Some call it GOD, some call it a higher power, some call it the divine, and some like myself, believe in it but have no label for it, it just is. Universal Mind is the space where new thought and intuition come from. New thought is what fosters creativity, breakthroughs, paradigm shifts, epiphanies, and wisdom. You did not decide to think those thoughts, you did not create them, they came to you from the Universal Mind and you are aware of them, not the creator of them.

Principle #2 – Universal Consciousness

Consciousness is our ability to be aware. It is not just that we are aware at a level of experience, consciousness lies at the level that you can be aware that you are being aware. For example, being aware that you feel a pinch on your skin is not the same as being aware that you are aware of the feeling of the pinch on your skin. This can be a difficult concept to grasp for many people even though it is the absolute truth. Try to practice what I am describing here and once you truly experience it, and only when you truly experience it will you experience the truth of this. This cannot be intellectualized.

Principle #3 – Universal Thought

Regardless of the contents of your thoughts, this principle lies in the fact that you are a thinker, you have the ability to think. You would not be aware of these thoughts without principle #2 Universal Consciousness. Every experience you have had, and will ever have, has been, and always will be experienced through thought. Without your ability to think, each and every experience is completely neutral, it has no meaning until you have thought to create the meaning of that experience. Again, this is another difficult concept to grasp for many people. As you go about your day, just subtly create awareness that you are thinking, regardless of the contents of those thoughts. If you have not already, you will soon realize that none of your experiences mean anything until you think about them.

Final Thoughts On The 3 Principles

The Three Principles create every experience of your life, on a surface level they appear very simple, yet the more you explore them the more profound they become. They can be very difficult to explain to others in a way that can truly be understood. I have done my best, for now, to facilitate this meaning to you. As I progress through my journey I may be back to explore a different explanation to you, then again I may not, this may be my perfect explanation.

If you have any questions or insights regarding The 3 Principles I would love to hear from you below!

Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish