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2 Best Mindfulness Teacher/Coach Certifications (2024)

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2 Best Mindfulness Teacher/Coach Certifications

Who is this post for?

This post is for you if you have a budget of less than $500 (payment plans are available for all programs) and want an easier time making a decision on which is the best online mindfulness coach/teacher certification for you.

I’ve done the homework so you don’t have to

If you’re like me and you hate the tedious process of finding, researching, and comparing programs then you’ll love this post. I’ve made contact with some of the providers as well in order to give you as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision

If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter, low-priced online mindfulness teacher/coach training certification program that can be found on Udemy, this post is not for you. Otherwise, dive right in


I’ve been an avid meditator for years now. Although I haven’t taken either of the courses I’m recommending, as I currently have no interest in getting certified (maybe one day), I have been guided through countless mindfulness meditations.

As I researched online meditation teacher training certification programs, I quickly came to realize that there aren’t all that many options.

Most meditation teacher training certification programs are only offered in-person, understandably. Some offered a combination of both in-person and online.

Few programs offer online-only, and upon further investigation, even fewer appear to be extremely high quality.

If you have a budget anywhere between $300 – $500 (installments are an option) and want the highest quality mindfulness coach/teacher training certification available online, then you will want to stick around. I understand that this is quite a long post if you actually read it from start to finish, but I didn’t want to leave any stones unturned.

You’ll be able to compare the most important factors when choosing the right online Mindfulness Coach/Teacher Training Certification program for yourself in a head-to-head comparison.

I’ll cover all the pros and cons of each program based on extensive research. I have reviewed each program in detail, I recommend you read each review before visiting the website of each program.

Please feel free to use the comment section below if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚

Word of Warning (Udemy)

I understand how tempting it is to get ‘certified’ on Udemy for $15 (some of them even off great info)โ€”but if you want to be a great meditation teacher or coach, you need live practice plus feedback. Also, you want an extensive curriculum that provides feedback on your coursework, otherwise how else are you to know how you’re doing?

If you’re serious about this, and it’s not just something else to learn, I strongly recommend you do not cut corners.

Every course in this post offers live meditation practice sessions plus feedback on both your teaching and coursework. I will never recommend an online Mindfulness Coach/Teacher Certification that doesn’t offer this, nor would I choose a meditation teacher to work with that got their certification from Udemy over one of the legitimate programs.

Compare 2 Of The Best Online Mindfulness Teacher/Coach Training Certification Programs

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school of positive transformation review 1
yoga certification online
SchoolSchool of Positive TransformationMy Vinyasa Practice
Visit WebsiteVisit Website
CertificationsMindfulness and Meditation TeacherMindfulness Coach Certification
Help you stand out from the competitionโœ”โœ”
Can Start Anytimeโœ”โœ”
Prerequisite RequirementsNoneNone
Length of ProgramSelf-pacedSelf-paced
Total Hours100n/a
Hours/week4+ hrsunknown
1-on-1 Mentoring
Live Meditation Teaching Practice
Learn to Incorporate Meditation and/or Spiritual Coaching into Your Practiceโœ”โœ”
Live Webinars
PDF Downloads For Modulesโœ”โœ”
Audio Downloads For Modulesโœ”โœ”
Video Content For Modulesโœ”โœ”
Lifetime Access To Resourcesโœ”โœ”
Learn How To Start Your Own Meditation Business Practiceโœ”
Business Marketingโœ”
Private Student Groupโœ”โœ”
Investment (if paid in full)$490$425
Payment Plan$250 x 2$234 x 5
Read ReviewRead Review
Visit WebsiteVisit Website
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#1 Online Mindfulness Teacher/Coach Certification Program

mindfulness training certification

Provider: School of Positive Transformation

Program: Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor

Cost: $490
Payment Plans: $250 x 2

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Introduction to The Program

Meditation Teacher Training โ€“ Become a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Transforming through Mindfulness Practice

Transforming through Mindfulness Practice - Itai Ivtzan

Mindfulness East & West

Itai Ivtzan - Mindfulness East & West

Meditation Teacher Training Questions

Itai Ivtzan - Meditation Teacher Training Questions

25% OFF Coupon Code:

School of Positive Transformation Review

All online
Payment plans available
Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Certification
250+ meditation scripts to use
Taught by Dr. Itai Ivtzan, world-leading practitioner, teacher, and researcher of mindfulness meditation
Scientific and evidence-based
Private Facebook group
No waiting, start anytime
Full lifetime access to online learning material
No ICF accreditation (if thatโ€™s important to you)
No live practice
No mentoring

Training Materials

  • 40+ videos
  • 30+ evidence-based guided meditation scripts
  • 30+ exercises and activities, and downloadable audio meditations, handouts, and worksheets.
  • These materials are divided into 30 teaching sessions, each session incorporates videos, exercises, and meditation practice.
  • The sessions make a comprehensive course (see full curriculum below) and would offer you all that you need to deliver inspiring and responsible meditation sessions.

Module 1 โ€“ Theoretical Knowledge

Meditation can have a far-reaching impact on your life. It facilitates a deeper feeling of peace and calm, while at the same time allowing you to engage with yourself at deeper levels. Additionally, meditation has been scientifically researched, and the results have clearly shown that the practice has important benefits. According to research, meditation increases psychological well-being factors such as acceptance, meaning, happiness and compassion on the one hand, and reduces levels of stress, anxiety, and depression on the other hand. This module will provide you with the knowledge and understanding surrounding meditation, including concepts such as โ€œPresenceโ€, โ€œAuthentic Selfโ€, โ€œEnlightenmentโ€ and โ€œAwarenessโ€.

Module 2 โ€“ Personal Experience and Practice

As teaching meditation begins with a personal experience of it, this teacher training course emphasizes personal practice, alongside the teaching of theory and exercises. You will be trained in a variety of meditation techniques in order to have an intimate and subjective experience of different meditation-based exercises. The list of meditation techniques you will learn as part of this module includes Intention Meditation, Breathing Meditation, Walking Meditation, Smiling Meditation, Body-Scan Meditation, Loving-Kindness Meditation, 1-Minute Meditation, and many more. This course would enable you to psychologically and spiritually grow while engaging with these meditation techniques.

Module 3 โ€“ Teaching Others Both Theory and Practice of Meditation

As you gain knowledge about meditation and learn the experience of meditation, you will realize how you could offer others a similar experience of expansion. By engaging with the materials on a theoretical level (module 1) and practical level (module 2), you will realize how to apply the techniques you have learned so that you could teach others. This module will provide you with practical tools that would assist you in teaching others.

Integration of the Modules

The three modules are not being taught separately; instead, the training continuously moves from one module to another, offering some theory, followed by practice and a teaching session, seamlessly integrating the three modules into a coherent experience. These three learning outcomes (and corresponding modules) offer a process of transformation. As part of this transformation, you will be able to gradually build higher levels of presence โ€“ being able to bring your awareness to the โ€œHere and Nowโ€. Meditation invites us to become more present in our everyday life. This course will offer you an opportunity to engage with meditation in a way that will allow that presence to penetrate whatever you are doing during the day. It will shift your mind from one that is constantly busy and scattered to a mind that is focused and connected to the moment. Finally, the course would enable you to share and teach this knowledge; there is great joy in inviting others to grow and transform.

Special Instructions

The Meditation and Mindfulness teacher training includes a number of special sections where you will learn unique approaches to mindfulness teaching. For example, the special section of โ€œMindfulness-Based Flourishingโ€ will teach you how to apply mindfulness not only for stress and anxiety but also to increase happiness, meaning in life, hope, and resilience. Another special section, โ€œOrganizational Mindfulnessโ€, will teach you how to apply mindfulness teaching in organizations. The special section of โ€œMindfulness Gamesโ€ will teach you how to offer mindfulness through games, a highly-effective teaching technique which appeals to most students and clients. Those are unique teaching sessions and they reflect the innovative teaching we offer as part of this training.

Training Exercises

During the training you will complete different exercises to deepen your knowledge and understanding of meditation, you will also teach meditation sessions to someone you want to work with (friend/family/client) and then write a summary of your experiences and ideas below. Teaching. These are informal reviews that will not be rated; They are simply an opportunity for you to deepen the effects of the exercise.


There are 30 teaching units as part of this training, and each session contains a variety of videos, exercises, audio files, and handouts. If you take the course, the first session is open to study and practice. Another lesson every day. The session will open (session 2 on day 2, session 3 on day 3, session 4 on day 4, etc.) until the 30th day the last session is released, so the minimum duration of this training is 30 days.

You can study the course as an intensive course and complete it in 30 days, or you can take the time and complete it in just a few months as you wish. Whichever you choose, the course is open to you for 12 months. So take enough time to do it at a pace thatโ€™s right for you.

School of Positive Transformation Review

One thing you can be sure of โ€” this program is created by a leader in his respective field of meditation and mindfulness โ€” Dr. Itai Ivtzan.

Iโ€™ll admit, I had no idea who this guy was until I came across this program. After a little digging into his books, the reviews of his books, and his talks, I find his work quite interesting. Thereโ€™s no doubt he knows what heโ€™s talking about or that heโ€™s a leader in his field.

Dr. Itai Ivtzan has published 5 books. HIs 2 most popular books are Second Wave Positive Psychology: Embracing the Dark Side of Life and Awareness Is Freedom: The Adventure of Psychology and Spirituality.

HIs only book (more like a textbook) on mindfulness is also his most recent: Handbook of Mindfulness-Based Programmes: Mindfulness Interventions from Education to Health and Therapy.

From my research, heโ€™s been on Ted Talk 3 times! Here’s his talk called Awareness is Freedom.

Awareness is Freedom - Ted Talk
Student Testimonial - Jenna Sinclair - MTT
Student Testimonial - Cleide Bourgess - MTT
Student Testimonial - Dmitry Gourov - MTT
Student Testimonial - Linda Robert - MTT
Student Testimonial - Nick Banfield - MTT

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#2 Online Meditation Teacher Training Certification Program

mindfulness coach certification

Provider: My Vinyasa Practice

Program: Mindfulness Coaching Certification

Cost: $350
Payment Plans: $175 x 4

25% OFF My Vinyasa Practice Coupon Code:

A Taste of What Michelle Teaches in This Program

As you’ll discover from the videos below, this isn’t your average Mindfulness Teacher/Coach training. What Michelle (founder of My Vinyasa Practice) teaches goes way beyond the typical breathwork, body scans, and awareness teachings you’ll find elsewhere.

This program will challenge you to think outside the box. To take a deep dive into the depths of mindfulness and all of its possible applications.

Non-Duality and Mindfulness

Non duality & Mindfulness

Sitting With Ego

Sitting With Ego

Avoiding Our Agenda

Avoiding Our Agenda

Accepting The Present Moment

Accepting The Present Moment

My Vinyasa Practice Review

All online
Mindfulness Coach Certification
Direct feedback from Michelle, creator this program and founder of MVP
Recorded practices with Michelle
Private student community
Application & Reflection
Journal Prompts & Skills Practice
30-Day money back guarantee
Not accredited
No live practice


Course Outline

Identifying Your Material

Facilitating & Releasing Energetic Blockages

Reinforcing Your Authentic Truth

Living Your Truth

Healing Opportunities

Facilitating Self Awareness Is A Healing Journey

Identifying And Working With Prospective Clients

Creating Clear Client Plans To Inspire Change And Mindful Living

Fostering Growth And Material Manifestation

Transitioning To Full-Time Coaching

Marketing And Growing Your Business

Practicum and Certification

  • Having practiced meditation for 2 years
  • Completed The Power of Awareness course through Sounds True ($297 investment)
  • Received a letter of recommendation from a meditation or spiritual teacher who knows you
  • Attended at least one 6-night, residential, silent, mindfulness meditation retreat in the style of Insight, Vipassana, or Goenka meditation

My Vinyasa Practice Mindfulness Coaching Certification Review

Develop the skills to empower your clients and change lives through our Mindfulness Coaching Certification. Work with clients one to one, in workshops, or in conferences to transform and change lives. Get one on one coaching to help establish your business and to ensure your success. This Mindfulness Coaching Certification gives you the tools you need to help others work through their inner material while leveraging the power of mindfulness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a mindfulness coach?

1. Learn to practice mindfulness and live mindfully.
2. Learn to coach others on how to practice mindfulness and live mindfully.
3. Learn to market yourself and build a mindfulness coaching business.

Do I need to be certified to teach mindfulness?

No, you don’t need to be certified to teach mindfulness. Teaching mindfulness and/or meditation isn’t a regulated industry.

Should I get certified to teach mindfulness?

In my opinion, getting certified to teach mindfulness can only have a positive impact on your business. It adds credibility to your name and who knows, you may actually learn a thing or two!

Time To Make A Decision

I sincerely hope that I have provided enough information here to assist you in making your decision on choosing 1 of the 2 highest quality Mindfulness Coach/Teacher Training Certification Programs available online.

If you have any questions or feel there are gaps in information, and you would like me to add more information, please let me know in the comment section below, I will gladly try to help you out.

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Have questions regarding any of these online mindfulness coach/teacher training certification programs?

If you have any questions regarding any of the information I have presented here regarding any of these online mindfulness coach/teacher training certification programs feel free to contact me ๐Ÿ™‚

Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish