Are you challenged with any of the following:

  • Joint pain/arthritis
  • Excess weight
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Stress
  • Low-quality sleep
  • Post-surgery/injury rehab
  • Poor balance, coordination, or stability
  • Emotional eating/snacking
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Low energy

If this is you, you’ve landed in the right place.

Who am I?

I’m Rob, a personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, and transformative coach. I’ve been passionately transforming lives since 2007.

I hold a diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management and Applied Nutrition Specializing in Sports and Fitness.

I’m a curious mind, always reading, watching videos, and seeking to learn for my benefit and yours.

In addition to my own exercise routine, I practice Yoga and meditation every morning, bike 15-20k 1-2x/wk, am a Vegan and practice Karate.

Who do I work with?

Everyone I work with is 40+, with most being 50+, open-minded, and 100% committed to themselves.

Together, we’ve overcome challenges such as the grief of losing a child, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, knee replacements, car accident injuries, sleepless nights, cardiac rehab, back pain, and much much more.

What might I incorporate into my personal training (if needed)?

• Nutritional guidance and education. I don’t believe in diets or counting calories, we’ll focus on intuitive and mindful eating. • Lifestyle coaching in areas of stress and sleep • Holistic and evidence-based supplementation • Meditation (there are many misconceptions about this) • Transformative coaching for personal growth • Yoga

Where do we train?

*Due to Covid I’m not doing in-home training

Option 1: Train at the park

I use Alex Robertson Park. I bring all equipment necessary for your needs except an exercise mat, which will be needed every session.

Sometimes I bring my furry assistant you see in the picture.

Option 2: Train virtually

First I’d like to stress that in-person training is much preferred for the sake of your results. Virtual would be the last resort.

You would train from your home online and we would use an app such as Zoom, Microsoft TEAMS, or Blue Jeans, you must supply all equipment.

How much do you need to invest?

90-minute 1st session/goal setting and assessing – FREE

My location or virtual – $40/session (Covid special), no commitment or contract

Your location (park) – $45+ depending on location

*I’m only accepting cash

How often will we train for the best results?

2x/wk minimum

If you have any questions feel free to reach out. I don’t answer phone calls from numbers I don’t recognize so I suggest you leave a voicemail and send a text message.

Talk soon!

Take care