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7 Best Nutrition Certifications For All Budgets (2024)

This post is for you if you want to stand out with one of the best nutrition certifications available online, or are currently working in the fitness field and are looking to add a nutrition certification to your resume. And, if you want an easier time making a decision on which is the best nutrition coaching certification for you.

how to stop emotional eating

How To Stop Emotional Eating From The Inside-Out

Imagine that? No more desire or need to control your emotions. Guess what also disappears along with your relinquishment to the illusion of control? Your emotional food cravings.
Now, Let’s talk about what happens when we feel the need to change how we feel…


Does YOLO truly justify poor decisions?

I have to call bullshit on this one. In my experience, saying “you only live once” (a.k.a “YOLO”) has to be one of the most widely used beliefs for people to justify poor eating decisions…