I have tried a few Instagram Autolikes services over the past year with various results. I will shed light on my experiences; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Some of the so-called, or shall I say self-proclaimed, leaders in the Instagram Autolikes and Powerlikes service industry will be held under a microscope in this review.

I will include screenshots of results as well as communication with their support team that I have had as proof of my experiences.

Let’s dive in!

Let’s start off with what everyone really wants to know…

Do Instagram Autolikes work?

The short answer is yes, they do. My organic reach goes up by a large margin, which I will discuss in more detail shortly. This depends on who you buy them from of course.

Are Instagram Autolikes worth investing in?

In my opinion, most definitely. As of the time of writing this, my organic reach on a single post will be 5-10x higher than when I don’t use Instagram Autolikes. And, with a great post and a little bit of luck, the chance of a post going viral is exponentially higher by using Instagram Autolikes.

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