Welcome to another update from my 365 meditation journey, a commitment to meditate 365 days straight. Here is today’s breakdown:


Minutes of Gratitude + Peace


  • Laying in bed 1st thing


Minutes of Gratitude


  • Seated with back support
  • Day 6 of a 10 day series on gratitude by Michelle Zarin, same creator of my previous series on Surrender, each day there will be a focus on 1 thing in my life to be grateful for
  • Today’s focus was on my health. I was to focus my gratitude toward one body part, I chose my eyes. I chose my eyes because I am so grateful for being able to see. I grew a much greater appreciation for my eyesight, something I, like many, take for granted every day. I thought about what life might be like without my eyesight. What it would be like to not see Allie’s beautiful face every day, or look her in the eye, and truly see her, while I tell her I love her. What it would be like What it would be like no to look Nacho in the eyes and express our mutual love. What it would be like not to be able to appreciate the beauty of nature. What it would be like to not be able to drive. All the daily oversights that are taken for granted, I truly felt a deep appreciation for them.


Minutes of Meditation

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