Welcome! Being a cancer caregiver to my wife has been a blessing in disguise for me. I was driven to an awakening by cultivating my worst fears and using them to my greatest advantage while finding deeper meaning, empowerment and passion in my life. How do you respond to life’s challenges? Happy exploring!

Welcome to another update from my 365 meditation journey, a commitment to meditate 365 days straight. Here is today’s breakdown:


Minutes of Mindfulness

Meditation: MIDL 15 Minutes of Mindfulness 13/20: Training Attention 2

Ambient Sound: 

Teacher: Stephen Proctor



  • 1st thing, inside, Seiza (kneeling) posture
  • A little tired this morning. Noticed more frustration and distraction, which is most likely due to my slight restlessness from not feeling well rested. Was able to ease the frustration slightly, and at times felt pure serenity. Overall still felt a slight frustration by the end.
  • I did notice something quite profound during the meditation: The more I fought the frustration the worse it got, as if my intentional avoidance of feeling frustration exacerbated my frustration. At that point I decided to give myself permission to feel however I am feeling and acknowledge it as just thought, not frustration. What happened? The frustration dwindled into nothingness! I then felt pure peace come over me and the frustration was completely gone!


Minutes of Yoga

Meditation: Yoga: Yoga for great legs

Ambient Sound:

Teacher: Daily Yoga App


  • Noticed my mind wander off a couple of times which is highly unusual during a Yoga session


Minutes of Meditation

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