Welcome to another update from my 365 meditation journey, a commitment to meditate 365 days straight. Here is today’s breakdown:


Minutes of Mindful Gratitude

Meditation: Mindful Gratitude

Teacher: Myself


  • 1st thing, inside as it was chilly this morning, seated without back support
  • 1st 10 minutes: Mindfulness
  • Next 5 minutes: Gratitude
  • Extra time as I desire


Minutes of Heart

Meditation: Day 2 of Heart (Part 2)

Teacher: Michelle Zarrin


  • Inside, kneeling in an upright posture which is called Seiza in meditation terms
  • My lack of lower body flexibility has hindered me from any of the more traditional seated positions such as this one, or sitting cross-legged and lotus. I decided I was ready to attempt a progression to my posture and I am glad I did.
  • My left quad gave me slight tightness and discomfort, other than that I prefer this posture over seated on the edge of a chair
  • Today’s focus was on guilt or shame. The feel any guilt or shame as it comes naturally and understand what causes you to feel guilty, which is not acting towards the higher good or yourself or others
  • It appears I do not have any suppressed guilty emotions as I maintained serenity throughout. I tried to think of things that made me feel guilty in the past but they did not effect me at all. Maybe this is a testament to my emotional growth my ability to accept my emotions, understand the message they are sending to me, and learn from them.


Minutes of Meditation

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