2 Best Versace Eros Clones/Dupes (2023)

I've got a hobby collecting fragrances, with 60+ and counting. I liken smelling fragrances to tasting fine wine (which I also do). I enjoy trying scents and expanding my comfort zone. Finding high-quality clones is a joy as many designer and niche fragrances are overpriced, in my opinion.

Importance of Maceration: Have you ever bought a fragrance and when you first sprayed it the performance and/or scent just sucked? The solution is to spray it 10 times and let sit in cool, dark place for 1-3 months. When you try it again you may notice a major difference in performance and/or smell. This has worked for many of my fragrances.

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Versace Eros is one of my favourite fragrances. There’s just something about the prominent vanilla/mint that I’m in love with. The apple and wood in the background are blended perfectly and make themselves known just the right amount.

Before I purchased Eros I’d never smelled the official version before. I did, however, try one of the clones/dupes below which sold me on the scent.

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A week later, after wearing the clone a few times, I purchased a 100ml bottle of Eros EDP.

I loved the Eros scent so much from the clone that I went and bought Versace Eros at discount.

Why did I buy Eros when the clone smells just like it? Because the performance of the clone didn’t meet my expectations. Versace Eros EDP is definitely an upgrade in the performance department.

Versace Eros Clones/Dupes

To my knowledge, there aren’t many Versace Eros clones/dupes on the market.

One of the clones below is talked about a lot, with mixed reviews. While the other has no reviews that I could find and is the one I purchased and sold me on the scent.

#1 Versace Eros Clone/Dupe

Versencia Oro

versace eros clone
Versencia Oro Review
Similarity To Eros

(Canadian site, but ships internationally)

Clone/Dupe of: Versace Eros EDP

Have I tried Versencia Oro? Yes

Blind buy worthy? Yes

Going by scent alone, this is a great clone. Amazing in fact. It has more similarities to the EDP version of Ero in my opinion.

Opening: Similar to Eros EDP, Versencia Oro has no green apple and the citruses are toned down in the opening. The vanilla and mint are quite prominent in both from the get-go.

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Drydown: I find the scent to be fairly linear with this one, as in it doesn’t morph as it dries. The prominent vanilla and mint scent stays consistent.

Performance: Versencia Oro projects well for the first hour or so and then stays fairly close to the skin thereafter. Lasts 6-7 hours on my skin (could be different for you) and have smelled it days later on my clothes.


  • Best Versce Eros clone/dupe
  • Clone/Dupe of Versace EDP
  • No green apple + less citrus in opening
  • Fairly linear scent
  • Projects well for 1 hour
  • Last 6-7 hours on the skin

(Canadian site, but ships internationally)

#2 Versace Eros Clone/Dupe

English Laundry Oxford Bleu

versace eros clone 1 1
oxford bleu notes
Oxford Bleu Review
Similarity To Eros

Clone/Dupe Of: Versace Eros EDT

Have I tried Oxford Bleu? No

Blind buy worthy? Maybe

I’ve gathered much of my information on English Laundry’s Oxford Bleu from Fragrantica.

Opening: Has more apples and citruses and less mint than Eros.

Drydown: Dries down to vanilla + sandalwood and the mint fades away. This is a significant difference to Eros because the mint stays with you through the life of the scent. The vanilla/mint combo is a signature of Versace Eros. If that’s what you’re looking for then English Laundry Oxford Bleu may not be the best clone of Versace Eros for you.

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Performance: Longevity appears to average around 7 hours with moderate projection for the first couple of hours. Sillage seems to be the biggest complaint when it comes to performance with this one. This projects better than Oro which will create a larger and longer-lasting scent bubble around you. People will smell you more with this.


  • Clone/Dupe of Versace EDT
  • More apple, less citrus, and more mint in opening
  • Mint fades in dry-down
  • Projects moderately for 2 hours
  • Last 6-7 hours on the skin

May you awaken
May you see clearly
May you be love

Take care ♥

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