The Simple Equation That Proves Nobody Can Make You Feel A Certain Way

The Simple Equation That Proves Nobody Can Make You Feel A Certain Way

The following equation reveals the only source of our feelings, good or bad. Since most people don’t factor in one component of the equation, they lead themselves to believe a lie, and in my opinion, it’s also the main source of suffering and despair in the world.

I also think it’s the greatest source of life’s illusion, especially when it comes to chasing things like money, prestige, happiness, peace, love and status.

The simple equation that creates your feelings is this:

However, most people live by this equation:

The Grand Illusion And Taking Your Power Back

“You make me happy”

“You piss me off!”

“Traffic makes my blood boil”

“My job stresses me out”

How many times have you heard yourself say any of those? I know I used to say the first two ALLLLLL the time.

Now that I don’t blame others or circumstances for how I feel, I feel so much freedom because I am the only one who can make myself feel any which way about anything.

When we blame the outside world for what is going on in our inside world we’ve given all of our power away. We’ve granted permission to anything or anyone outside of us to create our feelings.

Although this is actually never the case, so long as we believe that this is how our feelings are created we’re rendered powerless. We then live by this equation:

Circumstance – THOUGHT = Feeling = Powerless

The missing link that doesn’t get factored in is thought.

In order to maintain power over your feelings, you must understand that it’s your own thoughts about another person, what they may have said, or a circumstance, that creates your feelings.

Circumstance + THOUGHT = Feeling = Power

It is our thoughts about who this person is and what they mean to us that makes us happy, not them.

It is our thoughts about what they said about us that pisses us off, not them.

It is our thoughts about traffic that makes our blood boil, not the traffic itself.

It is our thoughts about our job that stress us out, not the job itself.

Feelings are the children of thoughts, and without thoughts, they cease to exist.

The mere understanding of this can grant you hope no matter the circumstance because you’re no longer reliant on a world outside of you to change how you feel. Only you have the power to do that.

Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish

How To Easily Get Back On Track When You’re Feeling “Off”

How To Easily Get Back On Track When You’re Feeling “Off”

how to get back on track

Another recent trend I’ve noticed is how confused people tend to get when they go off track and start feeling a little bit “off”. I’ve noticed this with myself in the past and more recently in conversations with my wife and clients. (I’m just starting to notice I tend to have a knack for trend and pattern recognition lol)

Maybe we took a wrong turn somewhere and feel lost.

Maybe we derailed and feel stuck.

Maybe we’ve been daydreaming and are oblivious to where we are.

All understandable explanations of our undesired predicament.

If we feel lost, we tend to retrace our steps to see where we took that wrong turn. Then, since more times than not, we have no idea where that is, we start asking ourselves for directions to get going in the right direction again.

Hint: It’s not wise to ask someone who’s lost for directions.

If we feel stuck, we can have a tendency to let our frustrations get the best of us. Before we know it, poor decision after poor decision keeps piling up and our stuckness becomes more and more insurmountable.

Hint: It’s not wise to ask someone who’s frustrated to make important decisions.

If we feel oblivious to where we are, we tend to flail our arms for anyone to see (including ourselves) in hopes that someone will see us (including ourselves), we’ll be rescued and then live happily ever after.

Hint: Flailing arms has never really been a great tactic when dealing with an illusion.

If it’s not wise to ask someone who’s lost for directions…

If it’s not wise to ask someone who’s frustrated to make important decisions…

If flailing arms has never really been a great tactic when dealing with an illusion…

What the heck do we do?

No more confusion necessary…

Do nothing but understand one thing…

The only reason we’ll ever feel “off” is that we’ve disconnected from ourselves. This disconnection creates the illusion that we’re lost. It creates the illusion that we’re stuck. It creates the illusion that we’re oblivious to where we are.

This disconnection is created through neglecting what I like to call our soul nourishment, or for the less spiritual, our love to do’s. When we stop doing the things that nourish our soul or the things we love to do, we start to disconnect.

Therefore, once we become aware of this, we can then retrace our steps and pinpoint when this neglect began. This will always be the case.

For example, I love to read, write blog posts, write poems, use my creativity, be in nature (preferably with my dog), feed my body nourishing food, coach people toward their goals, transform people’s lives through conversations, do Yoga, workout at the gym, and have my quiet time.

In the past, whenever I neglected to follow through on several of these over a period of time, I started to feel lost, stuck and oblivious.

What do you love to do?

What do you have a passion for?

Integrate one or more of these into your daily routine. It’s easy to overlook the simplicity of this but…

don’t mistake simplicity for lack of power, complexity is fools gold.

Keep it simple, there is nothing more you need to do than nourish your soul or do all the things you love to do and are passionate about, and do them consistently.


Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish

2 Of The Biggest Myths About Meditation And Finding Peace Of Mind

2 Of The Biggest Myths About Meditation And Finding Peace Of Mind

If you have struggled with either finding peace of mind or starting/maintaining a consistent meditation practice then these are probably the same truths that you believe to be myths. They’re likely the same truths that are keeping you from finding a peace of mind or a meditation practice. I would like to clear the air for you in hopes that it will propel you forward.

After numerous conversations with people, I have taken notice of the same reasons that keep coming up as to why they apparently can’t meditate or find peace of mind.

Myth/Truth #1: “I can’t stop thinking”

If you attempt to meditate or find peace of mind by means of stopping your thinking then you will be thoroughly disappointed, to the point that you will most likely want to quit.

Think of your thoughts travelling on a never-ending conveyor belt, doing loop, after loop, after loop. This conveyor belt doesn’t have an off button, nor does it even have a pause button, it loops infinitely.

Each time the conveyor belt comes around to you, it brings with it a random set of thoughts.

Some thoughts may be the same as you had just 1 minute ago.

Others may be regurgitated thoughts you had hours, days, weeks, months, or even years ago.

While other thoughts may be brand new, never ever seen before.

This conveyor belt runs on an infinite power source, as does your conscious awareness. This power source never dies. Even when you’re dead and your conscious awareness is no longer brought to life, this infinite conveyor belt will continue to run, supplying thoughts to the conscious awareness of others.

Nobody knows where these thoughts come from, some say God, some say the divine, some say our creator, some say the universal life force etc. What we do know is that they appear seemingly out of nowhere, like the magic of pulling a rabbit out of an empty hat.

Since we can’t stop the conveyor belt that delivers our thoughts, can we at least control it?

Myth/Truth #2: “I can’t control my thinking”.

If you meditate or search for peace of mind by means of controlling your thinking, once again, you will be thoroughly disappointed.

Now that you know your thinking will never stop so long as you’re alive and consciously aware, the next logical step for many people is trying to assert some form of control over them. This too, my friend, is a big myth.

This attempt to gain control typically comes from trying to choose which thoughts get placed on the conveyor belt or slow the conveyor belt down to slow down the rate at which your thoughts get delivered.

Just as we have zero control over being able to stop thoughts from popping into our head, we have zero control over which thoughts pop into our head.

You may now be starting to realize that you were never in control in the first place, that you just thought you were. This can be a very startling and mind-bending experience.

Surely we can slow down our thoughts, right? As far as I know, we can’t. However, we can most certainly create the illusion that our thoughts have slowed down.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “time flies when you’re having fun”. Time appears to speed up during those moments. Yet, when you’re bored time appears to slow to a crawl. This is the grand illusion of time.

When we’re stressed, panicked, overwhelmed, or in any similar state of mind, we are under this illusion that our thoughts are racing at a much faster pace than normal. Confusion tends to set in and we’re bouncing back and forth between thoughts.

When we’re peaceful, happy, content, or in any similar state of mind, we are under this illusion that our thoughts are slowed.

We can drive two different cars at the same speed and feel like we’re going faster in one car, and slower in the other. How is this possible? We use cues such as noise and vibration to estimate the speed of the car.

We use similar cues when we feel like our thoughts are moving faster or slower. When we’re in a state of stress our thoughts appear quite noisy, creating the illusion that noise equals speed. When we’re in a state of peace our thoughts appear to be much quieter, giving us the illusion that quiet equals slow.

Now That You Know This…

I hope this helps cut through the illusion of these two myths. Keep in mind that you are to observe your thoughts, you’re not trying to control them or stop them. The paradox here is that you gain some sense of control by relinquishing your attempt to control.

By understanding that we were never in control in the first place and still made it this far, seems pretty amazing considering we were probably oblivious to this all our lives.

How can this understanding change your life now that you are aware of it?

Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish

Ever Seen Your Problems As A Mack Truck Coming At You? Read This

Ever Seen Your Problems As A Mack Truck Coming At You? Read This

During a recent conversation with a client, they metaphorically told me they saw their most recent struggles as a mack truck coming at them. That’s some pretty serious shit. It’s no wonder they’ve been making poor decisions out of panic, they see a Mack Truck coming at them, leaving them one of two choices…live or die!

This thought will immediately initiate our fight or flight signals in the brain, telling our bodies to pump out adrenaline like it’s their only job. Seemingly presenting two panic-filled choices, stand in the way and get killed or jump out of the way and live to see another day.

What if there is a third option?

Here is the metaphor I then presented to them. (and yes, I made it up on the spot)

Imagine this…

You are standing in the middle of a long deserted road, in the middle of nowhere. No humanity in sight. Just you and the long empty road ahead.

All of a sudden, appearing right in front of you out of nowhere, you see this giant Mack Truck coming straight at you. At this point, you may as well be wearing horse guides since you don’t acknowledge anything to the left or right of you.

You are now completely blinded by the sight of this Mack Truck coming straight at you, unable to see past it. You are also oblivious to what is behind it.

You’re looking straight into the headlights of this giant Mack Truck. You notice the truck is carrying very familiar cargo. The cargo looks something like this:

  • A to-do list longer than your Christmas list when you were a kid
  • Tax deadlines
  • Bill deadlines
  • School deadlines
  • Paperwork for an upcoming job
  • Tasks you procrastinated for weeks and months
  • Grieving a loss
  • Haunting thoughts about the past
  • Crippling thoughts about the future
  • Anything else you may see as a problem leading to your stress

Now, it appears you have two choices right?

Move out of the way immediately. This represents you dropping nearly all other priorities in life such as sleep, working out, good nutrition, health, family, ME time, and any other aspects of your life that are highly valuable, in order to eliminate these problems.

Leading you to wonder…“how do I complete all these tasks so I can stop seeing this Mack Truck coming at me?”


You don’t move out of the way and get hit by the Mack Truck (not fun I imagine).

What if…

You wake up and realize that there is no Mack Truck?

That is was all in your head?

That you made the whole thing up?

And when you do wake up to realize this, you notice there is the most beautiful horizon that was hidden beyond the sight of the Mack Truck the entire time. This horizon represents the ultimate beauty of life that is available to see any time you want.

Just in front of the horizon, you notice the road splits into 10 different paths you could take. Each path presenting a different option for you, now giving you 10 choices instead of the 2 that you had when the Mack Truck was in front of you.

Leading you to now wonder…“how can I maintain sight of the beauty of life while completing these tasks?”


Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish

Absurd Ironies We Live By

Absurd Ironies We Live By

Our lives are chock-full of illogical idiosyncrasies. Most of us lead lives of confusion and complexity mainly because we over-complicate the simple, and reverse the straightforward.

Here are some absurd ironies we all live by or have lived by at one time or another. Feel free to add your own to the list in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you can come up with 🙂


Absurd Ironies We Live By:

We fear death yet don’t live like we’re going to die

We mourn death yet don’t celebrate life while it’s happening

We live in the past and wonder why we’re depressed

We live in the future and wonder why we’re anxious

We’re brave to hold up a mirror for others yet fear to look in our own

We spend 1/3 of our day at a job we don’t like and wonder why we aren’t happy

We try to avoid feeling certain emotions and wonder why we feel numb

We neglect to give ourselves love and wonder why we feel nobody loves us

We don’t take care of our bodies and wonder why our bodies break down

We retire from a job we never loved only to realize we wouldn’t have retired if we loved our job

We wait for others to make the first move yet it everyone thought like that there would be nothing to wait for

We believe in Karma yet live like we’re immune to it

We believe in material things yet don’t believe in ourselves

We constantly look for shortcuts and then wonder where the beauty in the journey is

We think we’re separate yet all of our hearts are told to beat by one

We search for our answers outside of us yet we have an infinite well of wisdom within us

We’re quick to judge others yet seldom look in the mirror

We’re always focused on what to do and then wonder why we aren’t who we want to be

We feed ourselves with man-made food and wonder why we have so many man-made diseases

We degrade our health to make money then spend that money on our degrading health

We trust the egos of other people yet don’t trust our own intuition

We hold grudges thinking we’re handing off our pain to the other person yet we’re the only one feeling the pain

We have most of our conversations through messaging and wonder why we don’t feel connected

We’re in a rush to get everywhere and wonder why we feel like we’ve gotten nowhere



Learn from all of your experiences, opportunities are everywhere.

Take care,

Rob Kish

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