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By starting with this featured post on What Are The Three Principles you will gain a better understanding of the foundation of my work. I encourage you to read the recommended posts sprinkled throughout the article.

I’ll take you on a deep dive into the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought to awaken you to how every single experience of your life is created.

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limiting beliefs about money

How To Change Your Limiting Beliefs About Money

While some issues may be better left to the professionals, there are many financial issues amenable to self-therapy. After all, many overweight people are able to lose weight without a psychologist, dietitian, and personal trainer.  By addressing the beliefs, thoughts, …

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how to let go of negative emotions

How To Let Go Of Negative Emotions

Why We Hold on to Pain and Anger Our negative experiences create the patterns we follow. The brain maps out the pattern according to your response to the experience. For example, if you were told to go to bed as …

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